At first, I just tried entering because Yuyu told me to, but... at some point, I just started having fun with it!
Nejire Hado about Yuyu in "The Funnest Part of Cultural Festivals is Preparing for Them! Part 2"

Yuyu Haya ( () () (ゆう) () Haya Yūyu?) is a third year student in the Hero Course at U.A. High School.[1]


Yuyu has short, cropped, blonde [2] hair. She wears the female school uniform without the jacket and rolls up her sleeves. She also wears tights underneath her skirt, and two plain-looking bracelets on her right wrist.


U.A. School Festival Arc

Yuyu is seen helping Nejire with her preparations for the Miss Con Beauty Pageant at the School Festival.[3][4]


Nejire Hado

Nejire and Yuyu seem to be close, and Nejire cites Yuyu as the reason she originally entered the yearly Beauty Contest.[3] Yuyu is later seen helping Nejire prepare for the School Festival.

Yuyu is Nejire's best friend, and she thinks Nejire is the "cutest thing in the galaxy".[1]


  • She dyes her hair and has several piercings.[1]
  • She likes all things that are cute, which includes Nejire.[1]


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