Unless we can face that which pains us... we can never truly sparkle! ☆
Yuga Aoyama to Izuku Midoriya in "The Strange Tale of Aoyama"

Yuga Aoyama ( (あお) (やま) (ゆう) () Aoyama Yūga?), also known as the Shining Hero: Can't Stop Twinkling, is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero.


Yuga is a young man with a slim build and a rather feminine face. He has long blond hair, worn flattened down around the majority of his head, spiked and sticking out to the sides at the bottom of it, with a side fringe that curves upwards a little before it does down. He has notably long eyelashes and bright indigo eyes, giving him the appearance of a young prince.

His hero costume consists of a bluish-black body suit, over which he wears a suit of metallic lavender and golden armor; a chest plate, two spherical shoulder pads, elbow-length vambraces, and knee-length boots. His chest plate has a high V-neck collar with a golden greek fret-like trim, as with the lower diaphanous piece under the belt and the edges of the vambraces. It also comes with a long, glittery indigo cape as well as a belt with a golden ring-shaped buckle with a blue crystal, from which he emits his Quirk, matching the smaller ones over his shoulder pads and knees. He has straight angled golden lines running down his baggy pants, a matching set around the shafts of his boots, and he wears a red-tinted wing-shaped visor over his eyes.



Yuga Poses

Yuga thinking highly of himself.

Yuga appears to be a vain and prideful person, thinking of himself as superior to the rest of his classmates, especially in regards to his Quirk. He exhibits extremely flamboyant mannerisms, is fond of posing, and likes to grab the attention of those around him despite frequently getting ignored by his peers. His expression rarely changes from a closed smile, even while he speaks or gets hurt, and he's also prone to getting upset if interrupted or questioned. Yuga's sentences often end with a star (☆) symbol, indicating a fancy tone. He also tends to play up his French heritage, occasionally implementing French words into his sentences.

However, this persona is shown to be mostly a facade, as Yuga holds severe insecurities about his Quirk, and, in reality, he doesn't see himself as above anyone else. In fact, he appears to think of himself as different from everybody, due to the "defective" Quirk he was born with. Yuga has been struggling with this since his childhood and wishes to become "normal" one day.

Though he has a desire to have friends, Yuga rarely has the confidence to act upon it due to his insecurities alack of social skills; he can unintentionally come off as "creepy" to others when he genuinely means well. Instead, he opts to self-isolate, seen through his eating of school meals alone rather than with the members of his class and general avoidance of most social situations. Despite this, he's been shown to be rather observant, able to pick up on Ochaco's crush on Izuku before she even realized it herself.

Yuga does possess a compassionate side and is shown to sympathize with Izuku Midoriya, due to the both of them having what he perceives as highly self-harmful and uncontrollable Quirks, although the way in which he displays this sympathy initially startled Izuku. Izuku has stated that he’s never been able to read Yuga due to his unpredictable nature, although he still ended up befriending him.[2][3]. He is also kindhearted, as shown in the Provisional License Exam when he was willing to throw away his chance at a license to give Iida the chance at passing.

Yuga is also easily frightened by danger and prefers to hide rather than fight, though he can still help out a friend as long as he remains safe and isn't above sacrificing himself, highly contrasting his usual self-centered attitude.[4]


Overall Abilities: While Yuga may not possess any melee combat skills, he does have a good handle on his Quirk, Navel Laser. The beams that Yuga can fire can not only be shot from short and long distances, but have enough force to penetrate metal and concrete. They also have enough recoil to propel himself through the air at a high speed, effectively boosting his mobility. Yuga has also displayed the ability to manipulate the size and shape of his beams, such as making them razor-thin or into a blade of light that can be used for swinging.

Yuga has repeatedly displayed the capacity to effortlessly destroy Villain Bots with a single blast from his Navel Laser. His aim with his beams is also on point, as he was able to blast Mr. Compress in the face before the villain could dodge it, all while Yuga concealed himself in nearby bushes. His abilities eventually garnered the attention of the Equipped Hero: Yoroi Musha, giving Yuga the opportunity to intern under the No. 9 (formerly No. 8) Pro Hero, and improve his offensive and defensive abilities.


Yuga using Navel Laser on a Villain Bot

Yuga's Quirk in action.

Navel Laser (ネビルレーザー Nebiru Rēzā?): Yuga's Quirk allows him to shoot a powerful sparkling laser cannon from his navel. It is so powerful, it can blast through 2 metres of solid concrete. If he fires the laser for more than one second at a time, he will suffer intestinal distress.

This has been explained due to a birth defect, in which Yuga has very little control over his Quirk and needs to wear a special belt to compensate. However, due to his training in U.A., the negative side-effects of his Quirk have been greatly reduced.

As part of his training, Yuga continuously fired his Navel Laser to build up his body's endurance, increase the range of his blasts, and gain the ability to use his blast even when undergoing stomach pains.

By the time the Provisional Hero License Exam occurs, Yuga reveals that he has increased the duration of his Quirk to the point where it can last longer than one second. This was notably shown when he extends the use of his Quirk to signal his classmates and during the aftermath of Hero Work-Studies II when demonstrating his new Super Move "Navel Saber".

Super Moves

  • Navel Laser Buffet (ネビル ビュッフェレーザー Nebiru Buffe Rēzā?): Yuga fires successive beams not only from his navel but also from his shoulders, which are equipped with beam openings just like his Sparkle Belt. As a result, this technique puts more strain on him than when he uses his Quirk normally.[3]
  • Navel Saber (ネビルセーバー Nebiru Sēbā?): Yuga concentrates the energy of his Navel Laser and shapes it into a cutting light blade attached to his bellybutton.[5]
  • Can't Stop Twinkling: Supernova: Used first during Heroes Rising. After charging his Navel Laser for five seconds, Aoyama can unleash a much more powerful laser than usual. This move is a giant laser beam with a much wider diameter than usual.[6]


2/5 D
3/5 C
3/5 C
3/5 C
1/5 E
Yuga's stats, according to the Ultra Archive Book

2/6 D
3/6 C
4/6 B
3/6 C
6/6 S
Yuga's stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book


Hero Outfit: Yuga's hero outfit, though it may look like it was meant to only look flashy, is actually made of high tech so that he can channel his laser beam to other lenses across the costume, thus allowing him to shoot his beam from other parts of his body, such as his knees and shoulders.

  • Sparkle Shades (キラメキ グラス Kirameki Gurasu?): This equipment is so Yuga won't be blinded by his own shine.
  • Sparkle Inner (キラメキインナー Kirameki Innā?): This equipment is very high tech, as it's designed to send the energy emitted by his navel lasers to his shoulders and knees, who have emitters similar to his belt.
  • Sparkling Emitter Gear (キラメキ噴出セット Kirameki Funshutsu Setto?): This equipment is divided into five "sparktacular" sparkle items that focus the sparkling energy transmitted by his "Sparkle Inner" into a single sparkling sparkle beam.
  • Sparkle Belt (お手軽キラメキベルト Otegaru Kirameki Beruto?): This equipment a simple yet convenient belt that Yuga wears every day.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events

Entrance Exam Arc

Quirk Apprehension Test Arc

Battle Trial Arc

U.S.J. Arc

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Final Exams Arc

Forest Training Camp Arc

Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

Shie Hassaikai Arc

U.A. School Festival Arc

Joint Training Arc

My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising

Endeavor Agency Arc


Prototype Yuga Design

Early concept design of Yuga.

  • Yuga's early design was very similar to how he currently looks, aside from slightly longer hair and different pants. His hero name was also supposed to be "Can't Stop Twinkle" instead of "Can't Stop Twinkling".
  • According to Yuga's Volume 1 profile:
    • His favorite thing is himself.
    • Horikoshi says he does not quite understand this character, but he is fun to draw so that is fine by him.
  • Yuga's surname contains the kanji for "blue" ( ao?) and "mountain" ( yama?), and his first name contains "excellent, superior" ( ?) and "elegant, graceful, refined" ( ga?).
  • Yuga uses a rose scented fragrance to give himself a romantic tip.
  • Yuga's known U.A. academic data is as follows:
    • Student No. 1 in Class 1-A.
    • Ranked 14th during the Quirk Apprehension Test.
      • His 50-Meter Dash record is 5.51 seconds. His previous record was 8.25 seconds in middle school.
    • Ranked 18th in Class 1-A's grades.
    • Ranked in the Top 16 of the U.A. Sports Festival First-Year Stage.
  • Yuga's Japanese voice actor, Kosuke Kuwano, also voices Hiryu Rin from Class 1-B.
  • With his birthday taking place in late May (two days after Mashirao Ojiro's), Yuga is the third oldest student in Class 1-A, as everyone was 15 when they started U.A.'s school year in early April.


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