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{{Nihongo|'''Equipped Hero "Yoroi Musha"'''|具足ヒーロー ヨロイムシャ|Gusoku Hīrō Yoroimusha}} is the No. 9 [[Heroes|Pro Hero]].{{Ref|name=intro|chap=184|page=13}}
{{Nihongo|'''Equipped Hero "Yoroi Musha"'''|具足ヒーロー ヨロイムシャ|Gusoku Hīrō Yoroimusha}} is the [[Hero Billboard Chart JP|No. 9]] [[Heroes|Pro Hero]].{{Ref|name=intro|chap=184|page=13}}

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Template:Character Infobox/Pro Equipped Hero "Yoroi Musha" (具足ヒーロー ヨロイムシャ Gusoku Hīrō Yoroimusha?) is the No. 9 Pro Hero.[1]


Yoroi Musha is an older-looking man with a long white beard. His Hero Costume is a full set of Japanese armour with a cape which he wraps around his torso. His helmet notably has one large horn pointing upwards.[1]


Pro Hero Arc

Yoroi Musha is introduced during the announcement of the top hero rankings of the year's second semester. He muses that aside from the top 3, all the other ranks are determined simply by timing and luck.[1] When asked to make a statement to the audience, Yoroi simply replies that his duty has not changed.[2]


Yoroi Musha's Quirk is currently unknown. His armor and samurai appearance suggests that he fights in similar styles to that of old samurai, although this is not confirmed.

Battles & Events

Pro Hero Arc


  • Yoroi Musha translates to "armor warrior" (鎧武者?) when written in kanji.


  • "The top three aside, it's just luck and timing... that determine the rest of the rankings."[1]


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