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Wolfram (ヴォルフラム Vorufuramu?) is a villain and the main antagonist for My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.


Wolfram is a tall man with very dark, red hair. His face has dark patches of skin, which cover his mouth, nose, eyes, and part of his forehead. He also has a scar on his left cheek. He wears a very large white coat, with light gray cuffs and lining, along with gray combat boots, baggy sweatpants, and a combat vest. He also wears dark brown gloves.


Wolfram is a cunning person, being able to manipulate people into doing what he wants. It's also been shown that he shows little emotion for close to anything, and only strives to overturn the hero society.


Very little is known about Wolfram outside of his appearance in Two Heroes.


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes



Unnamed Metal Quirk: His Quirk allows him to bend and manipulate metal the same way Cementoss can with cement.

Unnamed Power-Up Quirk: This Quirk was given to him by All For One, and allows Wolfram to seemingly increase his own physical strength. This quirk is very similar to One For All. It is, however, not as powerful.


  • Wolfram is the German name for Tungsten.

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