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|image gallery= Yes
{{Nihongo|'''Laundry Hero: Wash'''|洗濯ヒーロー ウォッシュ|Sentaku Hīrō Wosshu}} is the No. 8 [[Heroes|Pro Hero]].{{Ref|chap=184}}
{{Nihongo|'''Laundry Hero: Wash'''|洗濯ヒーロー ウォッシュ|Sentaku Hīrō Wosshu}} is the [[Hero Billboard Chart JP|No. 8]] [[Heroes|Pro Hero]].{{Ref|chap=184}}

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Template:Character Infobox/Pro Laundry Hero: Wash (洗濯ヒーロー ウォッシュ Sentaku Hīrō Wosshu?) is the No. 8 Pro Hero.[1]


Wash's hero costume resembles a washing machine with arms and legs protruding from his shell, and has two strained eyes popping out of the lid atop his head.


Pro Hero Arc

Wash was present at the biannual Hero Billboard Chart JP where it was announced he was ranked as the No. 8 Pro Hero.


  • Wash has been in a "Squeaky Clean" commercial.


  1. My Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 184.

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