Laundry Hero: Wash (洗濯ヒーロー ウォッシュ Sentaku Hīrō Wosshu?) is the No. 8 Pro Hero.[1]


Wash's hero costume resembles a washing machine with arms and legs protruding from their shell, and has their two strained eyes popping out of the lid atop their head.



Vigilante - My Hero Academia: Illegals

Wash was invited to participate in Captain Celebrity's farewell party at the Tokyo Sky Egg.[2] Once on stage he does some tricks with his Quirk and with Gang Orca and his Sidekicks.[3]


Pro Hero Arc

Wash was present at the biannual Hero Billboard Chart JP where it was announced they were ranked as the No. 8 Pro Hero.

Endeavor Agency Arc

Wash takes Koji Koda and Manga Fukidashi as trainees for Hero Work Studies 2.[4]



Unnamed Water Quirk: Wash’s Quirk allows them to shoot a spiral stream of water from their head. The stream is strong enough to keep several people in the air.[5]

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


  • Wash has been in a "Squeaky Clean" commercial.[1]
  • His catchphrase seems to be "Washa".


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