"My Hero" (僕のヒーロー Boku no Hīrō?) is the ninth volume of the My Hero Academia series.

Cover and Volume Illustration

Volume 9 Illustration

Volume 9’s illustration.

The title logo is red and yellow with shades of black and white. The author's name and surname is written in yellow with a black outline, and placed in the bottom left corner. The background of the cover is purple, which gets slightly darker as it progresses towards the bottom.

The cover features Izuku engaging in a fight with Muscular. Izuku is approaching from below preparing to punch Muscular, while sporting a tattered black T-shirt. Muscular is also preparing a punch from above, while simultaneously augmenting his arm with muscle tissue using his Quirk. Both characters yell and grimace towards one another as they approach each other. In the background, Fumikage is completely engulfed by Dark Shadow, screaming as his Quirk gains further control of him. He's separated between the other two characters by a large white crack that spreads across the cover, which originated from Muscular's position, making the villain appear to be bursting out of the cover page.

The volume illustration features Tsuyu clinging to the side of a metal building, facing towards the viewer with a smile. To the right of her features the series title, the volume title, the volume number, and the author's name and surname, all illuminated by a spotlight.

Author's Notes

The story's still pretty gloomy in this volume. When that happens, it usually ends up affecting my actual life as well. Planning things in your head is one thing, but putting pen to paper is another.

Kohei Horikoshi

Volume Summary

It’s off to summer camp for Izuku and the U.A. students! But this is no ordinary vacation—it’s high-impact training where the students are expected to develop their Quirks even further! The teachers have set up some tough challenges, but none will be as difficult and as life changing as the threat a new group of enemies poses. What’s even worse is who the villains’ target is and why…


Extra Pages

Next Volume Quote


  • The cover of this Manga is a reference to the cover of Ultimate Spiderman Venom Issue 1.

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