Extra Content from Volume 7 (Vigilantes).

Bearded Master

Volume 7 (Vigilantes) Column Iwao Oguro
Beards are cool. They're great for communicating an apathetic, devil-may-care attitude. Master is a character who easily could've headed down a bloodthirsty path, but the presence of his family, Koichi and Pop keep him grounded. That's the idea here.

—Hideyuki Furuhashi

Bearded Master is all well and good when I'm drawing rough sketches, but when it comes down to inking everything in? He becomes a real in the butt. (LOL)

—Betten Court

Bomber Villain

Volume 7 (Vigilantes) Bomber Profile

Flight + Bomb Villain

I came up with this enemy for the Christmas part chapter, but then I though this thing is totally suited to terroism, so it ended up getting mass-produced. The bombers really upped the stakes in the Sky Egg part of the story.

—Hideyuki Furuhashi

The design ended up looking like the cousin of Khezu (from Monster Hunter) and Mass Production Eva models (from Neon Genesis Evangelion). They're relatively fun to draw.

—Betten Court


Volume 7 (Vigilantes) Column Enji Todoroki
I think it's interesting how Endeavor plays the role of the scary hero. If we get the chance, I'd love have him chase Koichi around and treat him like a villain. That sounds terrifying.

—Hideyuki Furuhashi

Endeavor doesn't seem like the type to enjoy appearing at events. It'd be a whole different sort of party if he showed up. Not that anyone asked, but while trying to figure out to digitally create the texture of his flames, I resorted to copy-pasting pictures of real-life clouds. Trade secret.

—Betten Court

The Many Costumes of Aizawa

Volume 7 (Vigilantes) Column Shota Aizawa
For the so-called cosplay chapter, I submitted a list of costumes ideas and Betten Sensei dew the best ones. Aizawa's such a serious guy so pretty much any costume looks funny on him.

—Hideyuki Furuhashi

Often when reading the rough draft of a chapter, I think, "Wah ha ha, this is hilarious!" But when it comes times to draw, I'm stumped. This time was no different. I didn't want to piss anyone off! That was the main thing on mind while drawing. (LOL) A Japanse tennis player had just won some big tournament, so when I saw that on the news, I thought, why not have Aizawa Sensei play tennis too?

—Betten Court

Yoroi Musha & Thirteen

Volume 7 (Vigilantes) Column Yoroi Musha and Thirteen
These two didn't appear at the big hero event. If they had, I'm sure they would've made a spash with their abilities. I love coming up with action scenes based around a characters personality and gimmicks

—Hideyuki Furuhashi

Yoroi Musha and Thirteen were included in the rough draft of chapter 47 I got from Furuhashi Sensei, but due to time constraints (mostly my own), they didn't make it into the final version. I'm sorry... m(_ _)m

—Betten Court

Bomber Villains: Variations

Volume 7 (Vigilantes) Several Bombers Profile

High Speed Villain, Jumbo Size Villain and Six-Armed Villain

I thought it'd get boring if every member of the bomb squad was identical, so I requested two or three variations. The one with mulitple arms really ended up pulling his own weigh, story wise. Multiplication plus bombs is a nasty combo.

—Hideyuki Furuhashi

Think they're all the same? Think again! what I'd like to say but I messed up when drawing some of them, so don't inspect the images too closely!

—Betten Court

Best Jeanist

Volume 7 (Vigilantes) Column Tsunagu Hakamata
As one of Japan's top-class heroes, Jeanist has to come off as a big shot with flash moves. I like his whole sleeve gimmick.

—Hideyuki Furuhashi

Drawing Jeanist is tons of fun. In this case, I wasn't sure whether to give him shoes or boots, so I just kind of swept the issue under the rug by drawing his footwear ambiguously. (Ha!) But which do you prefer?

—Betten Court

Chris and Pamela

Volume 7 (Vigilantes) Christopher Skyline and Pamela Profile

C.C. and Pamela (in the past)

At first, Cap's wife was more of a vicious, henpecking harpy, but her image changed in the flashback chapter about them meeting. She's actually a cutie.

—Hideyuki Furuhashi

Cap's early look seem straight out of Back to the Future or Beverly Hills, 90210. His wife is more on the cartoony side (like Mineta or La Brava), with a hint of Edmon Kiraz's style.

—Betten Court

Message from Pop☆Step

Volume 7 (Vigilantes) Message from Kazuho Haneyama
We got another special Illustration from Horikoshi Sensei this time around. Thanks for drawing Koichi looking so darn good. ♡


Message from Horikoshi

Volume 7 (Vigilantes) Message from Kohei Horikoshi

Vigilantes 7

The Cruller offically went down in history as the coolest dude even here!!

—Kohei Horikoshi

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