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Shoto's Costume Page

Volume 7 Todoroki's Costume

The "Fill in the Blank Pages" Corner - Shoto's Costume Corner:

All in all: "One Cool Costume"

Kohei Horikoshi

Shoto's Jacket- Made of special heat-resistant fibers. There are cooling/heating devices in the collar. They monitor Shoto's body temperature and automatically help regulate it, all to keep him operating in tip-top shape.

Shoto's Tactical Vest- Monitors Shoto's body temperature and automatically cools him off or heats him up. It's a heater and radiator in one, whereas the previous model only functioned as a heater.

Shoto's Belt- The hanging canisters contain things like water, painkillers, disinfectants, etc. Useful in rescue missions.

Short Boots- Equipped with spikes to keep him from slipping on icy surfaces.

Tenya's Costume Page

Volume 7 Iida's Costume

The "it's Not Like There's a Hard-And-Fast Rule That Says I Gotta Fill This Space, but When I Was A Kid, I'd Always Get A Little Disappointed When I Saw Blank Pages in a Manga Volume I Bought, So I'm Going All Out To Come up With Something to Put Here So As Not To Disappoint Readers Who Feel The Same Way" Corner - Tenya Ida's Costume:

All in all: "the image Tenya's is going for in the future is pretty much set in stone, so there's a heavy emphasis on the visuals"

Kohei Horikoshi

Ingenimet- To reduce drag.

Ingenimuffler- Decorative.

Ingenifoot- Equipped with a cooling function. Also supplements his leg engines and give him better mileage. Exhaust comes out here (points to image).

Other Pieces- Most of the armor is just there as decoration under the pretense of reducing drag. Much lighter than it looks.

Flying Nomu Hint

Volume 7 winged nomu

The "Why'd The Winged Nomu Pick Izuku Out of That Crowd, Specifically? Here's Something Like A Hint" Corner:

I'm hoping to dive into a more detailed discussion of the Nomu at some point. Working hard to that end.

Kohei Horikoshi

The Supporting Cast Sidebar Corner

Volume 7 Miyagi Daikaku Page

This is the anchorman who appeared in Chapter 57. His name is Daikaku Miyagi. He reports the news from a fair and impartial viewpoint, using precise and easily understood language. As such, he has the trust of many a household throughout the country. However, the enormous horns granted him by his Quirk, "Big Horn," used to often get in the way of Daikaku's newscasts and visual presentations.

In order to better do his job, he voluntarily had one of his impressive horns removed. Never one to rest on his laurels, Daikaku always pays due mind to his viewing audience - A style that has garnished him much praise from society on the whole. However, a certain human rights group has condemned him, claiming that "Daikaku Miyagi's act was a rejection of his Quirk. A sign that he doesn't respect Quirks. Decisions such as his foster discrimination and are linked to an overall rejection of our Quirk-based society!"

Despite this, Daikaku continues to report the news. In a superpowered society full of Quirks of all kinds, professional heroes are not the only ones fighting the good fight. There is simply nothing in this world that everyone will find acceptable, so all we can do is believe in ourselves and walk our chosen paths. Fight on, Daikaku Miyagi!

(Main characters are one thing, but I also like to think about the lives and stories behind some of the minor characters. Even ones who only make one or two appearances.)

Stain Complaints

Volume 7 Stain - The Complaints Section

Whenever there's a new character in the story, I usually use thus blank page to do a proper character introduction, but as the number of new characters has dwindled, I've started to go on some crazy tangents, here. Some of you may be thinking, "What about all the villains?" but for the time being, I have no intention of writing about them. I do the introductions because I personally like those sorts of behind-the-scenes things, and also because I want my readers to feel a connection to the characters. But the villains, I decided I can't have them too likable. They're supposed to be terrifying.

Anyway, Stain got beaten. Drawing him was a pain. I've always been the type to design characters without necessarily thinking about how they'll have to move within the manga, so I end up going way over capacity in terms of detail.

Illustrating and making manga are two very different things. For instance, I packed a ton of textural detail into Stain's scarf, but then the final version in JUMP wound up mostly filled in with black. That showed me that I still have a lot to learn about having a long-running series in JUMP.

Stain may have been beaten, but he's a character who's going to have long and lasting effects on the world within the story, so I hope all the readers out there don't go forgetting about him. I appreciate it.

Ochaco's Profile

Ochaco Volume 7 Profile

Ochaco's Touchingly Frugal Life - First Way To Save:

Being awake costs money

—Ochaco talking in her sleep Volume 7

Ectoplasm's Profile

Volume 7 Ectoplasm's Profile
  • Age: 41
  • Birthday: 23rd March
  • Height: 180cm (5' 11'')
  • Favourite Thing: Karaoke

The Supplement

A while back, he lost his legs to a certain villain. In off-hours, he uses ordinary prosthetic legs, but while in costume, he uses special, light-weight ones meant for combat. He may look scary, but after coming back from his loss with renewed persistence, this hero has received continued support.

The First Character Popularity Poll - Final Tally (Top 50)

Volume 7 Poll Results Page

1st - Izuku Midoriya - 2,314 Votes

2nd - Shoto Todoroki - 1,987 Votes

3rd - Katsuki Bakugo - 1764 Votes

4th - Ochaco Uraraka - 652 Votes

5th - All Might - 627 Votes

6th - Tsuyu Asui - 589 Votes

7th - Fumikage Tokoyami - 485 Votes

8th - Tenya Iida - 390 Votes

9th - Shota Aizawa - 378 Votes

10th - Denki Kaminari - 224 Votes

11th - Momo Yaoyorozu - 197 Votes

12th - Hitoshi Shinso - 186 Votes

13th - Itsuka Kendo - 170 Votes

14th - Mashirao Ojiro - 148 Votes

15th - Eijiro Kirishima - 119 Votes

16th - Kyoka Jiro - 107 Votes

17th - Kohei Horikoshi (The Author) - 89 Votes

18th - Minoru Mineta - 65 Votes

19th - Tomura Shigaraki - 62 Votes

20th - Toru Hagakure - 57 Votes

= Mei Hatsume - 57 Votes

22nd - Stain - 48 Votes

23rd - Midnight - 45 Votes

24th - Mina Ashido - 36 Votes

25th - Neito Monoma - 31 Votes

26th - Yu Takeyama - 26 Votes

27th - Hanta Sero - 24 Votes

28th - Endeavor - 19 Votes

29th - Uwabami - 17 Votes

30th - Mezo Shoji - 16 Votes

31st - Yuga Aoyama - 14 Votes

32nd - Nezu (Principal) - 13 Votes

33rd - Inko Midoriya - 10 Votes

- Gran Torino - 10 Votes

35th - Ibara Shiozaki - 9 Votes

36th - Koji Koda - 7 Votes

- Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu - 7 Votes

- Present Mic - 7 Votes

- Cementos - 7 Votes

- Toytoy - 7 Votes

41st - Fuyumi Todoroki - 6 Votes

42nd - Thirteen - 5 Votes

- Rei Todoroki - 5 Votes

44th - Sansa Tamakawa- 4 Votes

- Yosetsu Awase - 4 Votes

46th - Kosei Tsuburaba - 3 Votes

- Best Jeanist - 3 Votes

- Kamui Woods - 3 Votes

- Kurogiri - 3 Votes

- Nomu - 3 Votes

Horikoshi's Assistants

Volume 7 Horikoshi's Assistants








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