Extra pages from Volume 4 (Vigilantes).

The Column: About Hachisuka

Volume 4 (Vigilantes) Column Kuin Hachisuka

My early concept notes for Hachisuka were things like "high school girl who’s a villain on the side” and "always shrewd and competent-as a villain she’s a smooth operator who clearly shows how hollow she is inside." Afterwards, I added elements like “eeriness about her that's hard to pin down" and "familial connection to Master.” The point that really defines her as a prototypical Vigilantes villain is how she acts on whims and doesn't have much of a pro mind-set. I often had her eating and drinking when she first showed up, as a way of emphasizing that she's committing evil in the midst of her everyday life

Koichi and Pop in Street Clothes

Volume 4 (Vigilantes) Koichi Haimawari and Kazuho Haneyama Casual Profile

Rough Design









Behind the Scenes

The outfits they wore when tailing C.C. in the previous volume. When Pop is in street clothes she's usually walking around with Koichi. It's charming how much they look like close siblings.

Koichi's casual style is the ultimate in safe, inoffensive choices. (LOL) Pop's style isnt lame, per se, but it'shardly sophisticated. I struggle with her

The Feathers

Volume 4 (Vigilantes) Miu and Yu Profile

Rough Design

Feathers Yu&Miu

Fundamentally the same face, since they're twins, but Miu has sharper expressions

Electropop motif

Behind the Scenes

The twins, Miu and Yu. Personaliy-wise, Miu is the…less pleasant of the two, but since they're dividing the twin labor, Yu also asserts herself to an extent.

As far as their background, I pictured them less as indie idols and more like girls who got thrown up onstage when some family member was putting on a live event. They're not too different from Pop, honestly...

The concept here was that you need both of them for that left-right symmetry.

Thinking back, I had wings in mind when designing them, rather than feathers. I wish I'd given them slightly softer looking edges.

Electric Eel Villain /Teruo Unagisawa

Volume 4 (Vigilantes) Teruo Unagisawa Profile

Electric Eel Villain

When on Trigger drug Unao

Behind the Scenes

Little Teruo went missing back in volume 1, and and now he's back with a bang. Clearly, strengthening the Eel Quirk results in Electric Eel. I also wanted his very body structure to undergo massive changes and get a big power-up...

When designing villains, my drive to make them visually distinct is always at odds with my desire to make them fun to draw. (LOL)

High Dance Squad and Mad Hatters Profile

Volume 4 (Vigilantes) East Naruhata High Dance Squad and Mad Hatters Profile

East Naruhata High School Dance Squad


Thick eyebrows

Glasses. freckles,braids hair band

Fingerless gloves

Only show her eyes when she in dreamy mode


Other squad members

Everyone has same body type roughly

Pony tail Short hair Bob cut

Mad Hatter

UK look Guitarist/Vocalist Rickenbacker or Telecaster

American Bassist

Suit Keyboardist

Drummer Favors a simple set

Outfits are maybe a little too varied…?

Rough Design

Behind the Scenes

The ensemble members who all burst onto the scene in chapter 21. There are a lot of characters here (four in each group), but only the squad president and the guitarist actually get fleshed out, with the others just sort of being there. Actually, though, I put a lot of thought into the band members.

I remember it being tough to come up with these designs all at once

Dance squads are kind of totalitarian, right? So none of them stand out too much. Rock bands emphasize idiosyncrasy, though? Those were my thoughts as I struggled with these designs. I ended up going with my first impressions.

Only the dance squad president had those specific design points, which gives me an idea about Furuhashi-san's preferences. (LOL)

Featherhat Stage Costumes

Volume 4 (Vigilantes) FeatherHATS Costumes Profile

Rough Design

Pop’s costume

Heart-shaped hole on back


Other Members are the same


Behind the Scenes

Pop, the twins, the dance squad and the band come together to form the FeatherHATS, and these are their costumes. Each member basically gets his or her original costume, in addition to the hat with a feather on it.

The band members just got a feather on their preexisting hats. How slapdash! (LOL)

Given my tight schedule, I mostly just made minor adjustments while working on the actual drat


Out of all of this, the decision to have Pop's wings coming out of the heart-shaped hole is what I'm most proud of

Horikoshi's Message

Volume 4 (Vigilantes) Message from Kohei Horikoshi

Horikoshi’s Illustration in Vigilantes Volume 4




The following Episode Zero ran in Jump GIGA 2016, vol. 2. It's a special chapter that's like a movie trailer.

In order,to emphasize the connection to My Hero Academia as much as possible, we have guest appearances by various pro heroes and U.A. students. However, in the actual continuity, Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods hadn't made their debuts yet, and Deku and friends would've still been in elementary school.

Just think of it as a non-canon feature!

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