That Which is Inherited (受け継ぐモノ Uketsugu Mono?) is the twenty-second volume of the My Hero Academia series.

Cover and Volume Illustration

Volume 22 Illustration

Volume 22’s illustration.

The title logo is gray, yellow and white, and the author's name is printed in white with a black outline on the bottom left corner. The background color is greenish-turquoise, and is decorated with the tendrils of Blackwhip, which protrude from the centre outwards.

At the front, Momo and Katsuki face over to the sides, both in action positions, and just behind and to the right, Tenya and Itsuka are printed slightly smaller in similar states. A larger Shoto emerges from behind Katsuki, with one hand out, readying an attack, and Izuku stands dormant at the back in the centre. In the top left, the right side of Tetsutetsu's face can be seen glowing a hot pale orange.

In the volume illustration, Mt. Lady is standing in an urban area, flashing a pose at the reader.

Author's Notes

Volume Summary


Volume Differences

Magazine Version Volume Version Explanation
Chapter 202, page 1
Change: Title changed in Japanese from 第三セット to 第3セット
Volume 22 Change Tetsutetsu Hero Name (Original) Real Steel Chapter 202, page 10
Correction: Tetsutesu's Hero Name is changed from "Real Steal" to "Real Steel"

Extra Pages

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  • This is the first cover to feature students from Class 1-B.

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