Why He Gets Back Up (彼は何故立ち続けたか Kare wa Naze Tachi Tsuzuketa ka??) is the twenty-first volume of the My Hero Academia series.

Cover and Volume Illustration

Volume 21 Illustration

Volume 21’s illustration.

The title logo is orange and yellow, and is decorated by a fire pattern, which is more saturated to either side. The author’s name is written in white in the bottom left corner, and the background color is pitch black.

In the centre of the cover, Hawks stands with his back turned, looking over his shoulder with his wings spread upwards to each side, with some sort of dark blue fire radiating from around his head. Endeavor stands behind him, his hands are bladed up into fists out to the sides and his teeth clenched. He wears his updated hero costume, with large bursts of fire erupting from his eyes, hips, and, most prominently, his shoulders, the tall flames following the direction of Hawks’ wings.

Author's Notes

Here's volume 21! Thanks for picking it up! It's cold! I wanna eat oden stew!

Kohei Horikoshi

Volume Summary

Class 1-A’s joint battle training with Class B continues! Class 1-A get the first win in the best-of-five series of all-out Quirk battles, but after some feedback from the teachers, the students square off again for a second round, and real rivalries form.


Volume Differences

Magazine Version Volume Version Explanation

Chapter 198, page 13
Change: 元 changed to もと.

Extra Pages

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