Extra content from Volume 16.

Mr. Brave

Mr. Brave Profile

Quirk: Hair-Raiser

Any hair he rips from his own head can be stretched, grown and hardened! It's a Quirk that's reminiscent of Sun Wukong!

He's filled with fear at the thought of a receding hairline, but don't worry! He'll use up every last strand if it means helping people!

Mirio Togata's Costume

Volume 16 Lemillion Costume

The costume


He wears a helmet even though he can phase through things!!

It could come in handy during an unexpected battle, but it's likely to slip off sooner or later!


This costume's sole purpose is to sick with him when he phases.

The design is based on a costume worn by a hero from the past who saved and inspired Mirio.

The Faces

Volume 16 Tabe, Hojo and Setsuno Profiles
Toya Setsuno

Cool dude. With the times.

Yu Hojo

He shaves his head to make it easier to pump out those crystals.

Soramitsu Tabe

Always hungry.

Kendo Rappa
Volume 16 Rappa and Tengai Profile

He jointed the world of street fighting as an act of rebellion against his overly strict parents.

Hekiji Tangai

Rappa's tendency to challenge people to fights was getting obnoxious, so Chisaki brought Tengai into the Hassai gang to serve as Rappa's babysitter of sorts. He's the newest member of the gang. Used to be a devout Buddhist.

Fat Gum's Costume

Volume 16 Fat Gum Costume

Fat Gum: Just an ordinary hoodie and mask. All my costume's gotta do is stretch a lot. Nothing else matters, yeah? I mean… right…?

Eijiro Kirishima's Costume

Volume 16 Red Riot Costume

The costume

Chivalrous Headgear!!

Made to protect the nose and chin during head-on assaults!! But it'll break apart relatively quickly!!

Chivalrous Shoulder Guards!!

Emphasizes Kirishima's intensity! Easier to move around in than the previous versions!!

Chivalrous Arm Covers!!

Kirishima worries about accidentally hurting people with his bare skin when holding or carrying them!! These new arm covers are made with polyurethane!!

Chivalrous Cloth!!

Whatever he wears is bound to get destroyed anyway, so Kirishima opted for ragged cloth from the start!! Torn-up clothing like this is practically a badge of honor for manly men!!

Drawing Rappa is a lot of fun.

Volume 16 Extra Kendo and Taishiro

I didn't explain this in the story, but Rappa's Quirk is Strongarm. His shoulders can rotate insanely quick, allowing him to whip out a fierce barrage of punches.

Kendo: Heal him up.

Taishiro: You ain't lookin' so hot yourself.

The Grudge

Volume 16 The Resentment

Katsuki: When do I get some panel time?

Denki: No need to get worked up.

Hanta: Out time will come.


Volume 16 Eri Profile

An early sketch of Eri. Went into the scrap pile because she looks a little too ready for action. She's a hard character, in more ways than one.

Assistants' Original Villains

Volume 16 Assitant Originals

Everyone presented these to me out of the blue, so I had to showcase them here! All so cool!! I wanna use them in the story!!


Van Banshee

Ironish Man


Top Editor

Bettle Neetle

Jumbled Lee

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