Extra pages from Volume 12

The 100

Volume 12 100 Chapters

Thanks to you readers, we made it to three-digit chapters! Amazing!

Deku sure has earned himself a bunch of scars. Sometimes I don’t draw them all in, but even back when the series first got sterilized, I was ready to carve him up like that. He’s accrued those scars way faster than I thought, though.

We’ve been through a lot already, but the week of chapter 100 was a particularly emotional one for me. Pretty crazy that a milestone chapter like that ended with boobs. I’m sure I was just tired.

Higari Maijima (Power Loader)'s Profile

Volume 12 Higari Maijima Profile
  • Age: 40
  • Birthday: September 17
  • Height: 155 cm
  • Favorite Things: Cars

The Supplement

His Quirk is Iron Claws. He fights by digging his way underground, like a mole.

His costume is actually more like armor. Drawing it is a nightmare.

He’s also a genius when it comes to support item development, but he’s got a Napoleon complex when it comes to his short stature.

Neito Monoma's Hero Costume

Volume 12 Neito Monoma Hero Costume

No one can claim to be unique after meeting me.

Emi Fukukado (Ms. Joke)'s Profile

Volume 12 Emi Fukukado Profile
  • Age: 28
  • Birthday: February 5
  • Height: 166 cm
  • Favorite Things: Comedy

The Supplement

She’s tried countless times to get a laugh out of Aizawa, but every time he was one step ahead in erasing her Quirk, so she never succeeded.

There’s nothing like a great smile, huh?

She actually came to watch the first-years at the sports festival. For those of you out there bored enough to count your own leg hairs, try finding her in the crowd shots back in volume 4.

Inasa Yoarashi's Profile

Volume 12 Inasa Yoarashi Profile
  • Age: 15
  • Birthday: September 26
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Favorite Things: Hot-bloodedness

The Supplement

The overall feel of his costume paints him as an amazing guy.


Yo Shindo's Profile

Volume 12 Yo Shindo Profile
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: May 13
  • Height: 176 cm
  • Favorite Thing: Trolling

The Supplement

A pretty boy.

When I decided to introduce a pretty boy, I found myself at a loss for how to create such a character. What makes a pretty boy a pretty boy? I thought real hard about it and came to the conclusion that the hairstyle is really all you need to make him look the part. It took about five minutes to reach the conclusion, from start to finish.

Seiji Shishikura's Profile

Volume 12 Seiji Shishikura Profile
  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: February 9
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Favorite Things: Vegetables

The Supplement

I actually really like this guy. His Quirk is awesomely gross. I wanna write The Heartwarming, Comedic Times of Shishikura’s Meatballs, a story that follows him in his everyday life.

Yokumiru Mera's Profile

Volume 12 Yokumiru Mera Profile
  • Age: 38
  • Birthday: March 9
  • Height: 171 cm
  • Favorite Things: Sleeping

The Supplement

A career man who works a little too hard. Do your best!! If you can!!


Volume 12 Afterword

How's you like that power-packed double-page spread? Crazy cool, huh.

I'll try again in the next volume, so be sure to check it out!!!

Horikoshi's Assistants

Volume 12 Horikoshi's Assistants

Loves History.

Loves cameras.

Loves ruins.

Loves bicycles.

Loves video games.

Loves drawing pictures.


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