Vines (ツル Tsuru?) is the Quirk used by Ibara Shiozaki.


Vines grants Ibara controllable, thorny vines in place of regular hair.

The vines can be manipulated for various purposes, such as binding foes, snatching objects and creating defensive barriers. The vines can also be cut off from her head, though Ibara still retains control over them.

Should Ibara cut off her vines, she becomes bald. To regrow the vines, her head must be soaked with water and bathed with sunlight, similar to an actual plant. Because her vines don't conduct electricity, she has a natural advantage against Electrification.[1]


While tough, the vines can be cut. Though her vines are thorny, the thorns don't seem to do any damage, as no character seen being entangled by the vines has ever been shown to be damaged by them, or remarked that they got hurt by the thorns.

Super Moves

  • Via Dolorosa (ヴィアドロローサ Via Dororōsa?): Ibara shrouds an entire area with her vines, ensnaring anything that comes in contact with them. "Via Dolorosa" is Italian, Spanish and Portuguese for "Painful Road". It's also a reference to the path Jesus Christ took towards his crucifixion in the Bible.
  • Crucifixion (磔刑 (クルセフィクション) Kurusefikushon?): Ibara encloses a captured target with multiple layers of vines, preventing them from attacking.
  • Faith's Shield (信仰の盾 (フェイスズシールド) Feisuzu Shīrudo?): Ibara sprouts a thick wall of vines to protect herself against enemy attacks.


  • This Quirk is similar to Arbor, as both involve the manipulation of specific plant matter, which is noted by several characters, including Kamui Woods himself.


  1. My Hero Academia Manga: Chapter 35.

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