Vibrate (揺ちす Yuchisu?) is the Quirk used by Yo Shindo.


Vibrate gives Yo Shindo the ability to shake anything he touches with his hands.

Vibrate allows Yo to control the speed and strength of his vibrations, including how long the intervals are between tremors.[1] Vibrating most objects vigorously will cause them to eventually break and split apart. When used on the ground, Vibrate can create small, controlled earthquakes.

Due to the Vibrate's after-effects, this Quirk can grant the user a resistance to vibrations, such as hypersonic attacks.


Yo's body is susceptible to aftershocks if he makes them too fast or strong, leaving him unable to move.[2] Vibrations that are too strong cannot be stopped on his whim, so they must dissipate on their own.


So far, Yo has used Vibrate only against large groups of enemies. His earthquakes can disrupt enemy formations as it destroys their foothold, weakening them in the process.

Yo has developed a natural resistance against vibrations due to the after-effects of his Quirk subjecting his brain to constant trembling. This gives him a small advantage against other Quirks that rely on vibrating waves, like Orcinus.[3]

Super Moves

  • Tremoring Earth (震伝動地 Shin Dendō Chi?): Using maximum power, Yo places his hands on the ground and unleashes a powerful earthquake that completely shatters the surrounding area.[4]


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