The manga chapter starts out with two boys telling a younger boy to use his quirk to turn leaves into 10,000 yen bills. The boy tells them that he can’t do it, and that the money will revert back to leaves after some time.

Eijiro Kirishima, desperate to stop the bullies from provoking the boy, stands up to them, telling them to pick on someone their own size and indirectly calling them, ‘unmanly.’

The two boys identify Kirishima as a senior and notice him charging straight for them. The two boys don’t seem panicked but calm as he rushes towards them. They beat him by throwing a large rock at Kirishima’s face, which doesn’t cause much damage but slows him down. However, Kirishima cries out in pain. The boys don’t seem bothered and take the younger boy with them someplace else. Kirishima tries to run after them, but is stopped by his friends.

Kirishima tells them that heroes always move without thinking, and rushes towards the boys. Before he can reach them, however, another student, Mina Ashido, gets to them first. She yells inaudible words at them, and the group start breakdancing happily. Soon, the boys go home with smiles on their faces. Mina is soon called away by her friends.

Kirishima soon learns from his peers that Mina plans to take the entrance exam for U.A. High. Kirishima and his friends see her as fit to be a hero, considering how athletic she is and the type of quirk she possesses. Kirishima compared himself to her and sees himself as dull, boring and unfit to be a hero. His friends see themselves as normal, claiming neither of them can get into U.A.

Kirishima is asked by his friend if he wants to apply to another school. Kirishima tells them that he isn’t sure. Kirishima is seen to have a partially obscured U.A. Track Aspiration Report in his pocket.

On his way home, Kirishima thinks about his future career and dream to become a hero. As he’s walking, Kirishima turns and witnessed a villain towering over two students from his school. The villain asks them where the hero offices of Springer are.

The villain begins causing damage to a building. Kirishima is frozen in place, wondering what to do. After looking around to find no heroes at the scene, he begins sweating hard and drops his bag. He tells himself that he should jump in, but before he could finish his thought, Mina Ashido jumps in front of the villain. Kirishima is shocked by her sudden appearance. Mina screams fake directions at the villain. The villain thanks her and is soon on his way.

Mina drops to her knees and starts crying, saying how scary is was to speak to a villain. The girls cry tears of joy and relief and thank her, saying that they would have been dead if she didn’t step in to save them. Meanwhile, Kirishima is frozen in place, asking himself why he hadn’t stepped in. He soon gets home and is locked inside his room. Kirishima is seen looking down at his U.A. Track Aspiration Report. Kirishima thinks hard to himself, telling himself that he isn’t a man and can’t be a hero at all then crosses out U.A. on his Track Aspiration Report.

As Kirishima’s trapped in his thoughts between dreams and reality, he remembers a specific time he experienced as a child, when his quirk first manifested. He had cut his eye and hated his quirk for a while after that. Kirishima picks up a book on heroism and throws it at the wall, screaming.

A holographic device plays a speech by Kirishima’s idol, a pro hero named Crimson Riot who had a quirk similar to Kirishima’s. As a child, his words had never really sank in. Kirishima tears up as he rewrites U.A. on his Track Aspiration Report.

The next day, Kirishima apologises to the two girls who were threatened by the villain, saying that he saw that they were in trouble and didn’t jump in to help.

Kirishima is soon seen Training and taking the entrance exam to U.A. One scene shows a holographic device flashing U.A.’s principal, Nezu, a sign that Kirishima had been accepted to U.A. High.

Kirishima is seen with a new hairstyle. Instead of his long, black hair, he has changed his hairstyle to a tall, red, spikey hairstyle similar to that of Crimson Riot’s. Mina Ashido (who was also accepted into U.A.) is shocked at Kirishima’s new hairstyle.

Kirishima gloomily tells Mina that he’ll be a hero who’ll protect people. He tells her that he won’t be like his old self. Mina Ashido tells Kirishima that if he wishes to be hero, he mustn’t act gloomily and tells him to overcome himself. Kirishima smiles and apologises.

The next scene shows the present. Kirishima is battling a villain, showing of his pride and finishing him off.

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