First things first, SHINSO MY BOY!

I want him to end up in class 1-A because of the implied 'secret love child' relationship that many of the fans have of Shinso and Mr. Aizawa, but I feel like if he was put in 1-B, then we could get more spotlight on the kids of 1-B.


A lot of people are starting to theorize that Monoma might be able to use Eri's quirk to bring back Mirio's quirk from when he lost it during the Shie Hassaki raid. I don't disagree with it, and it's very likely that it could be the case, but it would take him a lot of practice. Monoma doesn't know how Eri's quirk works, so he himself could end up doing serious damage if he tried to rewind Mirio's state right away.

Finally, for all the Mineta haters out there, dang Ashido, you really hit him hard. But honestly, I kind of want him to get the boot because he seems to focus more on the female students in the class than the studies (okay, I'm not implying that Mineta isn't heroic, it was shown very clearly that he can act in a pinch during the final exams and the more recent chapters, I just really hate him)

I'm excited to see what development can come out of Shinso now that he's in the hero course (Well, technically admitted into it but not exactly IN it) and how the others will be affected by his presence.

That is all.