• Bio Hello I'm new to this so sorry if I make any mistakes. I'm gonna use this to post theories and analysis that I've seen or come up because I'm a nerd so enjoy.
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  • Sandmanisgay

    Quirk types

    April 14, 2019 by Sandmanisgay

    This kinda relates to my last post about quirks being passed down so here we go. I'm gonna lay out the basics and then explain what I'm trying to get at

    There are three Quirk types in the anime being...

    Emitter types: They release substances or change materials, and require some form of concentration may it be a little bit or a lot and are the most common type of quirk found in the BNHA universe. Some examples are

    Explosion-Bakugou Katuski

    Navel Laser-Yuga Aoyama

    Acid-Ashido Mina

    Erasure-Aizawa Shota

    Mutant types: They are exactly what they say they are, quirks that are apart of the user's body, and are not typical of the pre-quirk era physicality. They are also constantly on, and often have more complicated abilities than Emitter or transformati…

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  • Sandmanisgay

    Okay, so quirks are passed down by Mendelian inheritance-Punnett squares. in case you haven't been to 7th-grade science, it works like this, parents have some combination of dominant and recessive traits, in this case, quirks, these are represented by uppercase and lowercase letters. The uppercase letters are dominant and will always be visible when passed down. The lowercase letters can only be visible when paired with another recessive trait, so you wouldn't know you had that recessive trait until it was visible.

    so the mutations in quirks might not necessarily be mutations they could just be, recessive traits being combined and finally be visible, but that's not to say all mutations are, just receive traits.

    Now into the thing that I have…

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