Team Midoriya vs Team Monoma Rcap (Warning Spoilers)

Ochaco's feelings for Deku resurfaces as she saves him from being absorbed into the blackwhip created by the previous One for All users.

Ever since Ochaco came to terms with her feelings for Midoriya before the Hero License Exam, fans have been waiting to see more special moments between the two. Luckily, there are plenty of adorable ones between them in Chapter 216 of the series.

On top of That He does care about Her well being before his own by expressing How scared and worried he was after seeing her injured and hurt she was after unleashing Black Whip.

In Chapter 216, Deku's group has officially defeated their Class 1-B opponents, and Aizawa is trying to get to the bottom of what happened during their test. Deku apologized because his quirk went berserk and didn't know why, but thanks Ochaco and Shinso for helping him out of his jam. Midnight then mentions that she loved how fast Ochaco jumped in to help Deku with his rampaging quirk, and Thanks to Mina, she pushed this button even more by saying that Ochaco jumped in without thinking. Even more so, noting that Ochaco wrapped her arms tightly around him.

This makes Ochaco blush, and this gets Deku's attention as well. He can't help but look at Ochaco surprisingly, and blush as well. Though flushed, Ochaco explains that she couldn't just leave Deku to Suffer, and be much happier jumping into the fray if the alternative is doing nothing at all.

Though this moment of embarassment passes for the two, it's a particularly poignant moment for Ashido, who helped Ochaco come to term with her feelings during the Hero License Exam arc as well. Ochaco has been showing some great growth in this arc, and hopefully more interactions between her and Deku will be shown off in the future as the manga continues.

Besides He not only thank Shinso but Also Thanked Ochaco and Blushed as Mina was Teasing Deku and Ochaco.

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