Kirishima’s well known adoration for a choice pair of crocs is common knowledge. In actual fact it is canon information, true story.

Yes ideally Kirishima in crocs should be in every manga panel, each second of anime. Truly, is it really a tall order to simply change the title of the series from “My Hero Academia” to “Kiricroco crocs Crocoshima”? Really do not think that is really not too much to ask now.

From the Discussions post the consensus was absolute, everyone agrees in what was a no holds croc fest with everyone’s favourite crocs loving superhero! It is excellent indeed that other Discussions posts also get the attention they deserve, yet it simply will not do for this is one to disappear under newer ones, especially when it is official information which it so is.

With comment numbers reaching the triple digits, containing outstandingly good art pieces and excellent insights into this diamond characteristic of an already diamond series, the Discussions post below contains a whole treasure trove of Crocoshima glory for all to love indefinitely!

All credit to the many artists who created all these glories, but we have no choice and may only help share it all further for everyone to enjoy for here evermore.


When the day comes when Kirishima's Quirk changes to croc themed battle armour and turbo croc firing mega power, everyone in the world shall register that it was My Hero Academia that created such a perfect concept!

All hail the mighty Crocoshima, may everyone relish the wonder of Kirishima and his crocs until the end of time, and beyond.

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