The Crash


'The entire class talked animatedly as they walked 'through the streets of Musutafu, save for one spikey-haired blonde. They'd been allowed to go on a field trip of sorts, just a walk around of their city in a basic patrol route. They were in their costumes, Aizawa deeming it good to see if their costumes would tire them out by the prolonged wear. Specifically Bakugou's and others that had larger equipment to wear. Thankfully, no one seemed to be having an issue.

"Remember to keep your eyes on alleyways and your ears open for any unusual sounds. A lot of villains don't stupidly boast out when committing a crime, so it takes skill to recognize anything that might not be just the bustle of the city. Any suspicious characters, you should also watch out for, but remember to not to let you find yourself using any prejudice when deeming someone suspicious. People's quirks have changed appearances, so keep that in mind. If someone is frantic, don't be afraid to go up to them and ask if something is wrong, the same with someone that seems lost or confused. If anything, they'll appreciate the gesture."

Aizawa was at the front of the group of students, telling them what to look out for and just the basic ways to patrol. It was good for their publicity as well, but Eraserhead didn't care much for that part. At all, in fact. But just because he didn't like the limelight didn't mean that he didn't understand how important it was for new and upcoming heroes. "Say hello to people every once and a while. If you're not going to be an underground hero, you'd better get used to people recognizing you, even if you are small time. Your costume will determine how much you stick out, so keep that in mind with its design."

The majority of the class nodded in understanding, speaking quietly after they'd been glared at by their teacher. A hero on patrol, even in a group, always needed to be vigilant. Izuku was drumming his gloved fingers on his leg, trying to remember all the information that Aizawa-sensei was providing him. If he felt like he forgot anything, he could just ask him after class or go to All Might for help. The retired hero always appreciated when he asked him things, especially about his days of helping the citizens of the world. Izuku wondered if Toshinori was feeling a bit useless after having been so needed before.

"Aren't your arms getting tired, dude?" Kirishima asked with a smile, gesturing to his gauntlets with a partly-gloved hand. With the newest addition to his hero costume, the Sturdy Hero had requested sleeves so he didn't harm anyone he was rescuing with his quirk. It was something that he realized he needed after the mock rescue training they had at the USJ. When he had picked up Momo(she being the injured civilian), she had made a comment of the boy not being able to use his quirk while carrying her because his bare arms would hurt her as well. He took the passive advice to heart and immediately requested a costume change. "I've held one of those and they're pretty heavy!"

"Nah, I'm used to 'em. They're not that heavy if you're wearing them. You just picked the damn thing up. Of course it'd feel heavy if ya held it like that instead of the right way, dumbass," Katsuki huffed, not looking at his friend. Yes, he would admit that he and Shitty Hair, even Tape Face, Pikachu, and Pinky, were his friends. After being dubbed the 'Baku-squad', they'd stuck around him like flex seal to a giant hole in a boat. It was only natural that they grew close together. He could even admit that he could tolerate most of the rest of his 1-A classmates.

Katsuki was one of the most serious about this exercise, along with Momo, Todoroki, Deku, Iida, and Shoji. None of them were really talking with their classmates, keeping an eye on their surroundings. They were in a safer section of the city, but anything could happen. It was a city after all. Izuku and Todoroki had bad feelings. Something, they didn't know what, but something was going to go wrong. Nothing was odd about their situation, but both boys felt more on edge than usual. Perhaps it was the new kind of training, but it was still unsettling.

"Nah bro, you're just really freakin' strong," the redhead laughed, holding a fist up. The blonde only stalled a moment before raising his own to meet it, mumbling a short 'dumbass' under his breath. He'd gotten used to Kirishima's antics, so a fist-bump was nothing new for him.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. "You bet your ass I am. And don't you ever forget it," he boasted, taking one last look at Kirishima before scanning the streets once again. They were more near the back of the group, only the rest of the previously mentioned 'Baku-squad' tagging behind.

They'd stopped at an intersection, listening to the scraggly hero talk about more things of patrols. Most of the topics were common sense, such as being aware of your surroundings at all times and simply keeping your ears open, so he felt confident enough to just watch the traffic go by. It wasn't nearly rush hour, so the normally slow cars didn't have an issue going the speed limit(or sometimes a little above) on the streets. There was a family on the other side of the street, the mother and father pointing out something in the shop next to him, a baby in a stroller and a young girl standing next to them while holding some sort of toy. It looked to be a ball of some sort, he couldn't tell from the distance.

It happened almost in slow motion for him, taking in all the things happening around him at once, his muscles tensing at the same time. He saw the girl drop the ball and it go rolling into the road. The parents had just turned around to grab something else that the baby had dropped out of it's stroller. A man driving a pick-up truck glanced down at the phone he had sitting in his lap, laughing about some text that he'd just received. He could tell what was going to happen before it did. The girl, probably only about four or five, started to walk out into the traffic, not seeing what danger she was putting herself in. The blonde teenager knew that none of his companions had seen what he had just, meaning he was the only one that could stop it.

With widened eyes, he propelled himself with a semi-large explosion towards the girl, the truck only moments away from striking her. In a preferred situation, he'd be able to grab the girl and land with her on the other side. That was not the situation that he found himself in. No, there wasn't enough time. He'd be lucky if he could reach her before the truck did. What he didn't account for, though, was the driver looking up at the loud sound, instinctively pressing his foot down on the brakes. It gave him just enough time for his hands to reach out and push her back before the truck reached her. She stumbled back, tripping over the sidewalk and landing on her rear with a soft 'oof'. Katsuki was relieved for a split second, just before he was hit instead.

Many things happened at once. The parents turned around to see their daughter so close to the road after the explosion caught their attention, quickly grabbing her. Kirishima stumbled back from where his friend had just been, following him with his eyes. The same went for the rest of the class, Aizawa immediately activating his capture weapon to attempt to grab Katsuki before the impact happened. Unfortunately, he was too late, his cloth scarf only about a meter away from Katsuki's foot before he was struck. The students watched in horror, along with the family and driver, as Ground Zero flew back, skidding back on the asphalt haphazardly before landing in a hauntingly still heap.


Multiple voices cried out, traffic immediately coming to a stop. Someone getting hit by a car wasn't that easy to miss. As much as the students wanted to go and help the explosive teenager, they needed to make the area safe first. Those who thought of it, being Iida and Momo, along with Sero after seeing what they were doing, began redirecting the traffic so that no cars could get close to the scene. Kaminari quickly called 110, requesting an ambulance as quickly as possible. Sure, his buddy was tough, but he just got hit by a car. He needed to get checked over even if he felt fine.

Aizawa rushed over to his student as fast as he could, Izuku and Kirishima right on his heels and the rest of the class not far behind. Katsuki was lying limp on the ground, eyes closed and face scrunched up in pain. His pale face was littered with scrapes that slowly oozed blood. The teacher didn't think anything looked that wrong but he didn't want to take any chances. Bakugou needed to wake up. Who knew how severe the concussion that he definitely had was. "Bakugou. Bakugou, I need you to open your eyes." He lightly tapped his cheek where there wasn't an injury. He didn’t seem to respond.

Kirishima and Izuku both knelt on the other side their friend, worry heavily present on both of their faces. "Kacchan," Izuku started, green eyes surprisingly not holding tears. "Kacchan please, wake up." Katsuki still didn't, even at Izuku's pleading.

"Dude, you're really scaring us," Kirishima tried, lightly laying his hand on Katsuki's chest before quickly pulling it away with a gasp. That wasn't how ribs were supposed to feel. "Sir, I think he broke some ribs!" Aizawa didn't hesitate to pull his knife out of its sheath on his back, cutting open the fabric. Bruises were already starting to form his left side, wrapping all the way around to the center of his chest. The teacher lightly felt over his sides, wincing. Yeah, definitely broken.

At the hands on him, more specifically his injuries, Bakugou cracked his eyes open with a groan, his breaths uneven. In true Lord Explosion Murder fashion, he took once glance at his classmates' worried looks and murmured a half-hearted, "Fuck off, will ya?"

The other thirteen members of class 1-A crowded around him worriedly, not knowing what to do. "Kacchan, don't scare us like that, please!" The tears finally appeared in those emerald eyes of Izuku's and no one gave them a second thought. At least they didn't feel as bad when their eyes became a bit damper than usual.

"The girl... Is... she alright?"

Many looked on in questioning before seeing the family on the sidewalk. The father was holding a young girl close to his chest, who was crying loudly. She appeared to be unharmed. Was probably crying because of the shock of what had just happened.

"She's fine, kid. Thanks to you. I didn't notice it in time. If it hadn't been for you, she'd be in your position, or most likely in a way worse one," Aizawa said quietly, motioning for someone to get Momo. He needed her to make a neck brace. "Todoroki, I need ice. The swelling needs to be kept down." Instantly the dual-quirk user complied, creating a block of it and handed it to the teacher.

It didn't take long for the paramedics to arrive, taking off Katsuki's hero gauntlets and handing them over to Kirishima and Mina to hold before they strapped him onto a stretcher. Uraraka had been the one to originally approach the family, making sure the child was okay. She also, surprisingly, reprimanded both the parents and the girl, the former for losing track of their kid in such a dangerous place, and the latter for walking out in the road, even if the ball got away from her. She then gave the ball back, saying that she wasn't mad at them though. Katsuki was a future hero after all and that sort of thing was his job. Save people. Number one in his mind. She gave the mother her number and said for her to call her if she wanted an update on her daughter's hero, Ground Zero. The woman gratefully accepted, saying she'd call at the top of the hour.

Kaminari and Mina went over to the car's driver, the looks on their faces cold enough to freeze someone faster than Todoroki's ice ever had the possibility to. Even some of the students watching got chills, not prepared for the normally goofy expressions to be replaced by harsh glares. They ordered the man out of the vehicle and questioned him about what happened. He said that he'd glanced away for one second to look at his bag that had fallen onto the floor of his car and that he could only slam on the brakes when he heard Katsuki's quirk go off. He did all he could to prevent the accident. Kaminari crossed his arms, Mina tapping her foot in contemplation. The electric-blonde was quick to speak up.

"I wouldn't suggest you lie to us," Kaminari just about growled, blue eyes watching the man with mild disgust. "If you'd only looked away for a second, how come your phone is still powered on and the screen on a text message that you sent seconds before the accident? A little girl almost got hurt and my friend is being loaded into an ambulance because you were texting and driving like a damn idiot. Then tried to lie about it. You do realize that we're in hero costumes, yeah? We're students at UA and if you think that any of us students, or even the faculty, are going to overlook this, you're dead wrong. You'd better pray to whatever god you believe in that Ground Zero is going to be okay or we're gonna have a real big issue here, buddy."

Needless to say, don't get Kaminari mad to that extent. It's not really that pretty of a sight. He was absolutely terrifying when he wanted to be. Pretty damn observant too, even if he wasn't that bright.

When Katsuki was wheeled into the ambulance, Kirishima didn't hesitate to climb in after him. No one stopped him either. Aizawa needed to deal with his students and he'd already called All Might to contact the Bakugous and meet the teen at the hospital. Having the redhead tag along was probably the best option and would be able to give the rest of them updates if All Might wasn't available to.

From underneath the oxygen mask that had been placed over his mouth, Katsuki looked at his classmates, his friends, and offered only a few parting words. Ones that sounded crude(and were), but they knew the true meaning behind them. "Wipe those d-dumbass looks offa your faces, idiots. You look fucking p-pathetic for no goddamn reason." The doors closed and sirens rang throughout the streets as the vehicle drove away, police ones replacing them.

"Don't look so scared. I'll be fine. We're all stronger than this." He really had gone soft for the lot of them.

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