The Amazing Heroes Volume 1 Deku


Hello this is Oof Boi 9 here and today I'm going to explain my theory about how Deku and Doomfist are related. Or technically it's a hypothesis since it's probably never gonna be confirmed but yeah try and stop me. Okay so our first point of evidence is that Deku is like really strong or something. Doomfist has been shown to be able to crack through pavement and stone and stuff. I think that one just speaks for itself. The second piece of evidence is that All for One gets stronger over time. Doomfist has like a s*** ton of physical strength and has a really burly body and stuff so he must be a really high level mutant with All for One. I'm not sure if this was just a bug with my game but Doomfist loses a small amount of health when he uses his charge punch attack. Deku's bones get all floppy like Harry Potter losing his bones in Chamber of Secrets. Maybe Doomfist has an advanced version of the All for One power except that it doesn't hurt him as badly when he punches stuff. Lastly I think there's a green skin for Doomfist and Deku wears a lot of green. Before you tell me that the theory is destroyed because Doomfist wasn't as strong without the gauntlet well in the third archive event they show him before he had a gauntlet (I think anyways) and he's still really buff so. Okay in conclusion Deku may be Doomfist's grandfather. The main thing we're missing is that we don't know how Doomfist ended up bl*ck. Well Deku might dump Ochaco's a*s (Stranger Things reference by the way) and go for a black girl instead. There's not many POC in My Hero Academy but maybe he married someone outside the school. Maybe they break up and the wife takes the kids and they move to Nigeria. But yeah this is my slightly supported hypothesis about how Doomfist and Deku may be related. My next one might be about Tenya Iida and Winston because they kind of look alike.
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