Yeah Deku doesn't actively "like" Ochako like she does him, but at the same time it's easy to see that he has shown the most attraction towards her. Both physically and emotionally Deku has shown his interest in Ochako several times.I know a lot of people think they will end up dating, and I think they will just because its the whole "Main Boy x Main Girl" thing, and it will probably happen. The other answers on here are definitely not wrong. I just have something's to say about how they might not end up dating, or at least not for a while. oh god, do you remember the train wreck that happened with Hatsume. Jesus Christ. Also, remember that time during chapter 173 with Neijire, and Izuku commenting on her appearance? I couldn't get a picture, but he could barely talk. (I'm excluding the time with "Camie" because she was being kinda creepy and he was trying to get her off of him.) So my point is, Izuku gets flustered around Ochaco, but he also gets flustered around everyone else. Hell, he'd probably get flustered around guys if the right situation came up. (I'm joking) (kind of). And I know that a LOT of people would get flustered in these situations, but as of now, Izuku being flustered around Ochaco is really the only thing pointing to him having feelings for her. Other than that, he's shown no signs of thinking of her as anything other than a friend. And I think they are great friends. If they end up dating, cool! I think they would make a pretty cute couple (even though ita not my #1 ship). I just don't think they would end up dating for a long time. Also remember that they are training to be heroes. They are both focused on that and less focused on dating (for now). (Also, this is just my opinion, but I feel like Izuku's the kind of person who would avoid publicly dating, at least during school, so that villains couldn't use that against him and hold his date hostage or something. I know it's kind of paranoid, but Izuku has had a LOT of run-ins with villains, and he seems like he would think ahead like that. It's just what I think though).

So, in summary, Ochaco might have feelings for him, but might be mistaking admiration for romantic love. Izuku might have feelings for her, but there's no solid evidence that he.
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Katsuki annoyed about being cut out from his interview with Shoto

Katsuki irritated that he was cut off from his interview.

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