Welcome back!Hope you guys enjoyed reading the last blog.Make sure you guys did.If didn't,read it now.It has the blog title:Some theories I saw on internet.If you guys love this,i'll make even more on this series.Also, I almost shootout a new blog series.Remember to read later.Now, let's focus on more theories mysteries.Wait,by the way, comment what I need to fix or add.I promise I'll accept you all's suggestment.Thank you!

Today,we'll talk about the most popular theory on the internet now.It's the U.A traitor.I'll explain most carefully does I can with the information I have right here.Let's go!

Principal Nezu said that there was a traitor among the school.Who is it?What reasons?I'll list out our suspects.

1.Leading on our suspect list is Toru Hagakure.The invisible girl get no trusts from fans or watcher. A huge reason why people suspect Hagakure is because she is invisible, making her the perfect spy for the League of Villains. Most people hardly ever pay attention to her, such as Todoroki during the USJ incident. There’s also the fact that she rarely interacts with the other classmates. Her known friends in the class are currently unknown, although Tsuyu Asui seems to have taken a liking to her.

Another possible piece of evidence is the fact that she has an intelligence stat of 4, the same as Midoriya, Iida, Todoroki, Bakugou, Shinso, and Aizawa - all of which are rather intellectual characters. Despite this, she has one of the worst grades in the class, suggesting that she could be holding her idiocy as a facade. Her whereabouts at USJ are also rather hazy. She states that she was with Todoroki, but Todoroki never noticed her presence, so it’s entirely possible that where she really was.

2.Yuga Aoyama

Firstly, Aoyoma is the first character in UA we meet after the meeting Midoriya and his friends, potentially alluding to the possibility that he is going to be as a big of a character as they are. He gets a regular amount of attention on-screen, but not to the point where he is overly noticeable.

However, the strongest piece of evidence to this is the fact that, out of everyone at the USJ attack, his whereabouts were never stated or hinted to. Granted, there is the argument that if he didn’t want to draw attention to himself then he wouldn’t bring up the fact that no one knew where he was. However, I’d argue that, despite aiding the villains, he would still retain his desire to be flashy and noticed. Furthermore, that could even be the reason he is helping the League of Villains in the first place.

3.Monoma Neito

Kendo and Tetsutetsu are both most likely to be innocent, as they were the ones who defeated the gas creator in an attempt to save the camp. Shiozaki is also most likely to be innocent, as she was knocked out by the gas.

The most likely traitor from Class-B is Monoma. Monoma is naturally mischievous and has a villainous demeanor to him. At the start of Season 3, one of his classmates even called him “scary”, possibly foreshadowing how he is affiliated with the League of Villains. Monoma also has an intelligence stat of 5, meaning that it’s entirely possible for him to have manipulated everybody to suit the League of Villains’ accord. It’s also possible that Monoma purposely failed the final exam so that he would be safe from the poisonous gas at the training site. After all, Monoma has a relatively strong quirk, as he was capable of going toe to toe with Kirishima and Bakugo at the Sports Festival. It’s also rather strange that Monoma is the only character from Class B to have failed the test, despite the fact that there seems to be weaker students in his class.

4.Denki Kaminari

Kaminari is the most heavily theorized character to be the UA traitor. This is less-so because of actual evidence and more-so because people like the thought of Kaminari being a genius the entire time, and simply pretending to be dumb to hide his true identity. However, there is a bit of evidence to back it up.

Although he was also attacked by the electricity villain in USJ, it’s quite possible that the villain was just using Kaminari as a bluff to kill Yaoyorozu and Jiroh. And the reason Kaminari never said anything was because, at that moment, his brain was still short circuited

Kaminari also took an instant liking to Stain, after hearing the arc that Iida, Todoroki, and Midoriya went to. Although, he was quite apologetic afterwards.

However, there is evidence to debunk this theory. For one thing, out of all the characters at USJ, Kaminari is tied with Mineta for being the most scared. He was very neurotic when telling Jiro about his quirk, to the point where it flat out annoyed her. And even then, it was Kaminari who took out the majority of the men attacking Jiroh and Yaoyorozu. And if he was affiliated with the League of Villains, then why would Kirigiri transport him with the other student, especially since there was a select few who did not get warped(e.g. Uraraka, Iida, and Ashido)?

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