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Last time,I've made my favourite 5.Now,I'll make the 5 which i always hate

1.Katsuki Bakugo

He's a strong guy in class 1-A.BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE CAN BULLY OTHER PEOPLE!   He's too selfish,mean and loud mouth,doesn't want to work with ANYONE,never accept losing,rather to lose than team working,subjective and even more bad things.My trashy bullied life was already too odd,he was like...a big bully in my eyes.That's why I hate him,so so much.

2.Enji Todoroki

The reason is the same like Bakugoi.He has strong quirk but that doesn't mean he can insult

people else.Also,he called Shoto his masterpiece.What about Fuyumi,Natsuo and Toya? Bad daddy! >:(=

3.Minoru Mineta

I never meant to like this dumb guy.He is intelligent but he's a stupid+Pervert guy.Just imagine a pervert guy do it to you.How many girls can be his victim?How many boobs can he target? How can he even be pervert like that? Is he a human? Or a stink and rude creature?Comment below.

4.Inasa Yoarashi

That guy was a spoiled brat.He get everything he want.He doesn't have a sad past.Inasa is a mistake in Shiketsu high.All what he can do is shouting and insulting.Like,for example,he touched Shoto's feeling at the U.A qualifiers,made him go mad and coldly shootback.Yoarashi doesn't even knows about his childhood evenly.He never deserved to be a hero.Just look at your fat head,Inasa.However,you're still never a type of HUMAN I like.

5.John Cena

Sorry,wrong thing.Saiko Intelli.She's a rich kid,I know but she never has a friend and being really selfish and mean.Maybe she can has IQ 2000 but it will never be a problem.I'll add the link down the comments below.Anyway,Saiko's really don't have a friendship thing in her mind.Without a team work, she failed the Provisional Hero License Exam.

Well,that's the blog.I'll create the link.Make sure you guys watch it.Bye!     :3

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