Again here guys,continue of the series,I'm gonna write about ny top 5 bla bla bla.Today,I'm writing about my top 5 favourite villains.Follow me on Pinterest and comment your top 5 below this blog.Let's startin!

1.Tomura Shigaraki a.k.a Tenko Shimura

Tenko was the former name of this villain when he was born.He killed the entire family (not including Nana Shimura) with his quirk.[5 minuets for memorial Tomura's family] He ran out the street and live there.People offered help him but finally he was forgotten.All for one helped him and he became Tomura Shigaraki and the story goes bla bla bla I like that history of the boy though so freaken odd.

2.Dabi (if it's true than a.k.a Toya Todoroki)

As I explained in my first blog,there was a theory so can check out.This guy was so handsome,even with scars and I just love it.Anyway,this villain have strong quirk and a good technique so I like the way he attacks and won Mr.Aizawa.That's true.

3.Twice a.k.a Jin Bubaigawara

I don't like his oddly stupid civilian life but I like his villain life though.He can create lots of masterpieces of himself.I know it's hard to control but he was like...a cheerleader.Cheerleading Dabi for example.That's kinda fun thing.

4.Mr,Compress a.k.a Atsuhiro Sako

He has a nice outfit and he has a very powerful quirk too. He is talkative, humorous and arrogant with his allies and enemies alike.And I love it,pretty much.Mr. Compress has a habit of monologuing and showing off his entertainer skills.So yeah let's move to my FAVOURITE.

5.Himiko Toga

I love her outfit so much.Her teethy scarf was so cool.Her black mask,just look at that! I love it. Plus,she's really cheerful.I love this girl so much even known she;s psycho.

So that's the end! Remember to read the next one.Comment below your top 5.I'd like to listen to your comment.Bye!!!!!!  

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