Hey guys!Welcome to my blog! Please enjoy my last theories blogs.It is so good,I swear.I did promised to you guys I will make a really good new bloggy series.Also,follow me on Pinterest to see more My hero academia fanarts.

As I promised,I will begin a new series of bloggy things.This time,I decided to name my blog:Top 5 Misaka and the MHA topic at the back.Today, I'll begin with:my Favourite characters.I want to know your ideals so comment below your top 5 best characters.

1.Ocahco Uraraka

She's a really nice,helpful and loveful girl.She have a strong quirk too.I think Uravity have no weakness.She just surrender Katsuki because he was born with a quirk which is already too strong,undefensable.

2.Momo Yaoyorozu

She's a pretty young genius with an unexpectable intelligence.She've won Saiko Intelli with a brainy quirk:IQ.In the other side,Yao-momo's quirk is really powerful.It allows her to make anything.If I have that dumb quirk,I'll make a tons of money    $-_-$

3.Shoto Todoroki

This boy's kinda hard and stunning.He looks soft outside but Hard inside.His feelings are cold and he did never smile though

4.Ejiro Kirishima

This guy is an anti-cyberbully.He's manly and have a pure attitude of a wonderful man.So much things more to like him.Go to his page at:


Guess what.It's Izuku Midoriya!The main paragonist of this series described a lot of things have in the best hero's heart.Must start from the smallest point,it will float up and filled with mercy and courage.The point i'm doing here is describing Izuku"s time,when his quirk developed up by time and strength

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