• Misaka Takunore

    Again here guys,continue of the series,I'm gonna write about ny top 5 bla bla bla.Today,I'm writing about my top 5 favourite villains.Follow me on Pinterest and comment your top 5 below this blog.Let's startin!

    1.Tomura Shigaraki a.k.a Tenko Shimura

    Tenko was the former name of this villain when he was born.He killed the entire family (not including Nana Shimura) with his quirk.[5 minuets for memorial Tomura's family] He ran out the street and live there.People offered help him but finally he was forgotten.All for one helped him and he became Tomura Shigaraki and the story goes bla bla bla I like that history of the boy though so freaken odd.

    2.Dabi (if it's true than a.k.a Toya Todoroki)

    As I explained in my first blog,there was a theory so c…

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  • Misaka Takunore

    Hey guys!My blogs are back and I'm continue working on this series.Hope you guys like it.Please follow me on Pinterest so you can see more BNH things I mean pictures there.Thank you

    Last time,I've made my favourite 5.Now,I'll make the 5 which i always hate

    1.Katsuki Bakugo

    He's a strong guy in class 1-A.BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE CAN BULLY OTHER PEOPLE!   He's too selfish,mean and loud mouth,doesn't want to work with ANYONE,never accept losing,rather to lose than team working,subjective and even more bad things.My trashy bullied life was already too odd,he was like...a big bully in my eyes.That's why I hate him,so so much.

    2.Enji Todoroki

    The reason is the same like Bakugoi.He has strong quirk but that doesn't mean he can insult

    people else.Also,h…

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  • Misaka Takunore

    Hey guys!Welcome to my blog! Please enjoy my last theories blogs.It is so good,I swear.I did promised to you guys I will make a really good new bloggy series.Also,follow me on Pinterest to see more My hero academia fanarts.

    As I promised,I will begin a new series of bloggy things.This time,I decided to name my blog:Top 5 Misaka and the MHA topic at the back.Today, I'll begin with:my Favourite characters.I want to know your ideals so comment below your top 5 best characters.

    1.Ocahco Uraraka

    She's a really nice,helpful and loveful girl.She have a strong quirk too.I think Uravity have no weakness.She just surrender Katsuki because he was born with a quirk which is already too strong,undefensable.

    2.Momo Yaoyorozu

    She's a pretty young genius with …

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  • Misaka Takunore

    U.A theories!

    April 6, 2019 by Misaka Takunore

    Welcome back!Hope you guys enjoyed reading the last blog.Make sure you guys did.If didn't,read it now.It has the blog title:Some theories I saw on internet.If you guys love this,i'll make even more on this series.Also, I almost shootout a new blog series.Remember to read later.Now, let's focus on more theories mysteries.Wait,by the way, comment what I need to fix or add.I promise I'll accept you all's suggestment.Thank you!

    Today,we'll talk about the most popular theory on the internet now.It's the U.A traitor.I'll explain most carefully does I can with the information I have right here.Let's go!

    Principal Nezu said that there was a traitor among the school.Who is it?What reasons?I'll list out our suspects.

    1.Leading on our suspect list is To…

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  • Misaka Takunore

    Welcome everyone! This is my blog and I'm gonna report you every single theories I saw on the internet.Thank you for reading this.Now let's go!

    Today,I start with Toya Todoroki is Dabi theory.I want you guys to read each clues carefully and spot me what I'm wrong at. 

    1.Eye color

    Shoto and Enji both have blue eyes.Notice that Dabi also have the same eye colour,right?

    2.Fire quirk

    Enji and Shoto both have fire quirk.Dabi's Cremeation quirk allows him to use blue-coloured fire.These fire are on higher tempreture,it may be stronger than Endeavor(Enji)'s is.Anyway,family members have the same quirk is not rare.Like Iida,Tensei have engine quirk,so do Tenya is.So that means that's a small detail for this theory.


    Todoroki's an abusive family.Ge…

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