I've decided that in my upcoming next generation fanfiction that Izuku and Ochako will have no more than four children, but this presents me with something of a problem since I've come up with half a dozen ideas for potential quirks their children could have.

Izuku and Ochako's firstborn children, Toshi & Nori will be known as the "Gravity Twins" since they both develop gravity manipulation quirks. These are the two quirks I have decided on for sure.

Hypergravity (高重力, kō jūryoku)

Gives Toshi Midoriya the ability to increase gravity by touch.

Toshi has tiny pads on the tips of each finger, anything that is touched by these pads she can increase it's gravity making is heavier and harder to move and putting more pressure on it. In order to cancel the effects of Hypergravity, Toshi just needs to press her fingers together.


By using Hypergravity on an opponent  Toshi can make it difficult for them to move or even stand and can possibly cause them damage; Toshi can slow down, immobilize, or crush her targets. By using Hypergravity on herself Toshi can make herself hard or nigh-impossible to move by external force, yet due to training in high gravity she is still able to remain standing and move around.

Named Super Moves

  • Heavyweight (ヘビー級) In this technique Toshi uses her quirk to increase the effects of gravity on her own body. This technique serves the same function in Toshi's training as weighted clothes do in Dragonball and Hunter x Hunter. When Toshi uses this technique during battle it adheres her to the ground making it difficult for her to be moved by external force though she will still be able to move around herslef because she's trained in hypergravity.
  • Delayed Effect (遅効, chikō) Toshi Midoriya delay the effects of her Hypergravity,
  • Hypergravity Zone (高重力地帯, kō jūryoku chitai): by touching the ground Toshi Midoriya strengthens gravity in the immediate area surrounding her. This slows down her opponents and might even immobolize them but because she's trained in high gravity she will still be able to move.
    • Hypergravity Zone Delayed effect (高重力地帯遅効, kō jūryoku chitai chikō) Toshi delays the effect of gravity being increased in an area then leaves the area, basically setting a trap. Since Toshi doesn't need to be in the area she can increase gravity to a much greater extent so that se can immobolize or damge anyone who steps in the Hypergravity Zone.

Subgravity (低重力, tei jūryoku)

Gives Nori Midoriya the ability to reduce the gravity of an object by touch.

Nori has small pads on the tips of each finger, anything that is touched by these pads he can reduce it's gravity making it lighter and easier to move. In order to cancel the effects of Subgravity, Nori just needs to close his finger pads together. Whenever Nori activates his quirk his pads briefly glow in a pink light.


Nori tries to emulate his father's fighting style, despite them having very different quirks. By reducing his weight, Nori can greatly enhance his speed and mobility; he calls this technique "Lightweight" and the way he moves when using it greatly resembles his father's Full Cowl.

Nori can also simulate super strength by reducing the pull of gravity on objects and opponents. He can make heavy objects easier to lift and carry and also make it easy to sent his enemies flying with an attack.

Using Subgravity on an opponent directly is also dangerous because it could also grant his enemy increased mobility until the effect is released.

Nori can his his quirk to undo the effects of his sister's Hypergravity, and likewise Toshi can use her quirk to undo the effects of Subgravity. Neither twin can undo the effects of their mother's quirk Zero Gravity

Named Super-Moves

  • Lightweight( ライトウエート, raitowēto): In this technique, Nori reduces the pull of gravity on his body so that he can move farther and faster, and jump longer and higher with less effort. Activating this technique gives him enhanced speed, mobility, leaping, lets him fall slowly and land softly. This technique also allows Nori to move, stand, or climb on surfaces that would not otherwise support his weight. By touching the tips of his fingers together he can dial up or down the extent to which gravity on him is reduced.
  • Fastball Special (速球特)
  • Subgravity Smash: (低重力スマッシュ) involves touching an opponent to greatly reduce their gravity then punching them to send them flying.

Green Flame (グリーンフレイム, gurīnfureimu)

Gives Ryuko Midoriya the power to generate gravity-defying green fire out of her hands and control it at will. Unlike the pryokinetic members of the Todoroki clan, the user is limited to only being able to create fire from o


The user can do rapid fire attacks firing smaller weaker fireballs or can take time to charge up an attack to make it more powerful, These fireballs move in a straight line unaffected by gravity.

Named Super Moves

  • Green Fireball (グリーンファイアボール, gurīnfaiabōru)
  • Charged Green Fireball (チャージドグリーンファイアボール, chājidogurīnfaiabōru)
  • Hot Touch () Ryuko generates fire but keeps it inside of her body (hands specifically) so that she can burn things/opponents by touching them.

Push and Pull (プッシュ・アンド・プル, pusshu ando puru)

Grants the user the psychokinetic ability to pull objects towards themself or push objects away, and the user can also move themself by pulling towards or pushin away from objecs they can't move.


By using the "Push" part of this quirk the user can knock opponents down or off their feet, pin them against walls, deflect attacks, and by pushing against the ground the user can jump higher, slow his descent, and also levitate. By using the "Pull" portion of this quirk the user can yank weapons out of the enemies hands, pull opponents into a close range attack

The user's hero outfit will contain shoes that can turn into roller skates so they can more easily pull themselves towards a target

Named Super Moves

  • Force Push (フォース・プッシュ, fōsu pusshu)
  • Tug of War (綱引き, tsunahiki)
  • Pull and Punch (プル・アンド・パンチ, puru ando panchi)

Stockpile (備蓄, bichiku)

Stockpiles power (accumulates energy) over time and when that power is accessed the user can increase their strength, speed, agility, and toughness. This quirk has been stockpiling power since it's user was in the womb but it still pales in comparison to the generations of power held by One for All.

By the time it's user is 13 years old, 100% of Stockpile is roughly equal to the 8% of One for All that Izuku was able to use during his second semester at U.A. It's implied that Stockpile accumulates energy at a faster rate than One for All but OfA is so far ahead that it still isn't possible to close that gap.

One for One (ワン・フォー・ワン Wan fō Wan)

This quirk also stockpiles power but can also temporarily transfer that power to others.


The user can transfer their power to anyone they touches with the pads on the tips of their fingers and can recall that power to themself just by pressing the pads on their fingers together (the same way Ochako releases Zero Gravity).  There's an aspect of psychic imprinting about this quirk, where when the user lends their power to somebody that somebody starts seeing the user and hearing the user's voice inside their head. As soon as the user recalls the power this will stop and the in the users dreams they see fragments of memories of everyone they have ever leant their power to.

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