This is the sixth installment in my blog series about my ideas for future My Hero Academia arcs. This time the theme is arcs set after Izuku Midoriya's graduation from U.A High School.

My Ideas

Trapezius Capture Race: Izuku's first day on the job after graduating and recieving his official hero license serves as a stark reminder of the realities of Hero Work. Deku competes against pro heroes from other agencies to arrive at and stop a robbery in progress by Trapezius Head Gear. Unfortunately by the time the heroes arrive he has already left the building and taken a hostage with him so this turns into a chase through the city with Deku still competing against the other heroes.

By the way my headcanon is that Trapezius has the mutant type quirk Musclebound (筋バウンド, suji baundo) which is similar to Muscle Augmentation except he can't turn it off.

Disaster Evacuation: after a terrorist attack by the League of Villains, Deku and his fellow heroes have to evacuate civilians while also fighting against the League. This arc parallels the Provisional License Exam and also contains a callback to the very first episode/chapter. Remember that old video that Izuku watched as a kid that featured the first appearance of All Might? The one where somebody says "He's already saved a hundred people and it hasn't even been ten minutes" In this arc Deku does the same thing.

Next Generation Entrance Exam: follows Kota Izumi and a few other kids as they struggle to complete the U.A Entrance Exam.

Superhero Wedding: It's a longstanding trope that when superheroes get married the wedding will be attacked by villains. The formula was codified by the wedding of the Earth 616 Reed Richards and Susan Storm during the Fantastic Four Annual #3 in 1965.Considering how much Horikoshi is inspired by American comics, so I have no doubt that when it comes time for Izuku to get married that Horikoshi will do a storyline like this.

Deku vs Tomura: Final Battle The entire series has been building up to this moment. Izuku Midoriya, the successor of All Might, against Tomura Shigaraki, the successor of All for One. By this point Izuku Midoriya will have become a fully realized One for All user and the world's greatest superhero, and Tomura Shigaraki will have become inherited his mentor's powers and grown into a fully realized All for One user and the world's greatest supervillain.

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Future of this blog series

I think I'm going to write one more blog in this series, then I'll be done.

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