This is the seventh and potentially final installment in my "future arcs" blog series. This time there is no binding theme, I'm just putting down all the ideas that I didn't include on any of the previous blogs.

My Ideas

Christmas Reunion: It's December 25h and Izuku Midoriya has just finished his second semester at UA High School. Izuku is looking forward to a relaxing winter break but when he arrives at his apartment he finds his father Hisashi Midoriya.

Vs. Uncanny Thief: Oji Harima, the world's greatest thief and recent escapee from Tartarus, is hired by the League of Villains to break into UA and kidnap Eri so that Shigaraki can use her to complete Overhaul's plan of mass producing quirk erasing bullets.

Inquisition: takes place after All Might is killed and Inspector Tsukauchi goes missing. Izuku Midoriya is arrested on charges of conspiracy by Detective Ito. Ito theorizes that Izuku used his friendship with All Might to gain access to information a student wouldn't otherwise have, like the class schedule, and then Izuku handed that information off to the League of Villains. Ito sees Izuku's multiple quirks at proof of Izuku's treachery and of a connection to All for One.

League of Villains Civil War: a conflict between two factions of the League of Villains, one led by Dabi and devoted to the ideals of Stain while the other is led by Tomura Shigaraki and wants to destroy all heroes and overthrow the Japanese government.

Battle Within: Izuku is hospitalized and comatose after a fight with a villain and during his comatose state his spirit interacts with the vestiges of One for All. They aren't happy with the way he's been using his power and they lay down an ultimatum, if he can beat them all by the time his body is fully healed they'll let him wake up but if he can't they'll take control of his body instead and leave him trapped in the spirit world.

Hostage Crisis: Inko Midoriya is kidnapped by a gorup of villains who attempt to ransom her for One for All. The group is led by a quirkless young man who is a descendant of the original One for All user and who feels entitled to the quirk.

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Call for Ideas

That's all the ideas I have for My Hero Academia story arcs, at least for now. Hopefully Horikoshi and I think alike, that way these ideas can become canon someday. Do you guys have any future arc ideas? If so then please share them in the comments below.