This is the third in my series of blogs about my ideas for future my Hero Academia Story Arcs. As I see it there are three types of story arcs in My Hero Academia.

Independent Villains Arcs: focus on conflicts between the heroes and a villain or group of villains who aren't part of the league, though the league might be involved to some capacity.

Non-Villain Arcs: focus on the students doing something besides fighting villains; usually this means competing with each other and or passing a test at the school. These arcs have lower stakes but that also means the outcomes are less predictable. I was originally only going to do one blog about this type but I kept coming up with more ideas so I decided to make another blog about it.

Sports Festival Arcs:
Testing and Training Arcs:

League of Villains Arcs: focus on conflicts between the heroes and the League of Villains.

How I'm coming up with these Ideas

Some of these arcs are just payoff for things Horikoshi has already setup, others are inspired by common superhero tropes and scenerios.

Trials and Training Exercises

Deathtrap escape trial: pop quiz designed to prepare students for the posibility of being captured by villains who then try to kill them in sadistic and implausibly elaborate ways. For the duration of this event Izuku Midoriya is forced to wear the same High Density Weights as All Might did during the First Semester Final Exam.

Suicide Intervention Trial: actors from the Help Us Company are brought in to pose as suicidal civillians for the students to save. Suicide Intervention is something that police are trained for (at least in America, I'm not sure if they do this in Japan), and It's also something I've seen Superman a few times.

Mission control teamwork exercise: each student in class 1-A is paired up with a student from the support department who acts as their mission control. They need to work together and problem-solve.

Quirkless combat exercise: focises on improving the student's combat beyond the use of their quirks. This exercise naturally gives an advantage to students like Ochako and gives a disadvantage to students like Bakugo.

Interhigh Training Exercise: a joint training exercise between students from U.A and Ketsubutsu. This is something that Erasurehead and Miss Joke talked about after the Provisional Lisence Exam.


Fugitive Chase Exam: unlike the First Term Final Exam, this time the students don't have the option to run away and instead must prevent the villains from escaping.

Giant Enemy Exam: the 1A students, with the exception of Izuku and Todoroki, are put into teams and forced to fight against those "Zero Point Villain Bots" from the Entrance Exam and the Sports Festival. They also need to try to minimize the damage done to the mock city because if the destruction goes beyond a certain level they could fail the test even if they defeat their robot. Insted of fighting Giant Robots like their classmates, Izuku and Shoto are forced to fight against Mt Lady.

VIP Protection Exam: tests the students ability to protect somebody and fight at the same time.

Remedial Exam Arc: In March, Bakugo, Todoroki, Camie, and Inasa retake the provisional hero license exam and this time they all pass. I think the scenerio for this exam is going to be rescuing hostages.

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