This is the second in my series of blogs about my ideas for My Hero Academia story arcs. As I see it there are three types of story arcs in My Hero Academia:

Independent Villain Arcs: focus on conflicts between the heroes and a villain or group of villains who aren't part of the league, though the league might be involved to some capacity.

Part 1: 4 arcs
Part 2: 4 arcs

Non-villain arcs: are about the characters trying to pass a test or win a competition. These arcs have lower stakes since they don't involve villains but that also makes the outcomes less predictable since the protagonists can more easily lose.

Sports Festival: that's what this blog is focused on
Training and Exam:

League of Villains Arcs: focus on conflicts between the heroes and the League of villains.

Second Year Sports Festival

Preliminary Event: Pentathlon

Team: Event: Three-way Capture the Flag

Each team tries to steal flags from the opposing team's base and also prevent their own flags from being stolen.

Torunament: Cage Fights

This time the tournament matches are cage fights. The ring is enclosed by a large domed structure of steel beams with an opening at the center top. Instead of trying to knock you're opponent out bounds one way to win is to escape the cage then touch the ground outside. You can also win by rendering an opponent unable to move, or if you're opponent surrenders.

This tournement would include and possibly even conclude with a rematch between Izuku Midoriya and Shoto Todoroki. The dynamics of this fight would be different from their original fight since this time Shoto would be using both fire and ice from the outset and Izuku would have Full Cowl-Shoot Style and air pressure attacks.

Izuku would make it to the finals this time but would lose his last match, thus putting him in 2nd place.

Third Year Sports Festival:

Team Event: Relay Obstacle Race

An obstacle course similar to what Izuku went through during his first year, except this team it's also a team effort. The students are allowed to pick their teammates and have to get into teams of three

Three-way battles

Each group that passes the relay obstacle race then has to engage in a three way battle amongst themselves where only one person can pass on to the next round. The rules for these three-way battles are the same as the one v one battles during the first year tournament.


I don't know what the rules should be for this tournament yet, but I do think the third year tournament should be split into two parts. THe final four contestants in the U.A sports festival will take part in an interhigh competition with four students from Ketsubutsu, four students from Shiketsu, and four students from another school.

This time Izuku will be competing not just to prove himself the greatest hero student at U.A but to prove himself the greatest hero student in Japan. Bakugo will somehow be able to defeat Inasa. The final match will be Izuku Midoriya vs Katsuki Bakugo.

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