This is the fifth in my blog series about my ideas for potential My Hero Academia arcs

My Ideas

Journey to the Testing Center: today is the day of the Provisional License Remedial Test, but for Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki getting there on time is going to be an ordeal. The first obstacle is traffick being delayed because of a Giant villain battling Mt Lady, this goes on for several minutes and Katsuki and Shoto decide they can get their faster if they go on foot. The second obstacle comes in the form of group of delinquints with Dinosaur themed quirks who recognize Bakugo and Shoto and challenge them to a fight. Since they don't have their license yet and don't have permission to use their quirks to fight, Bakugo and Shoto have to run and hide the rest of the way there. At the beggining and ending of every chapter in this arc there's a box that shows how much time they have left till the test begins.

Hero KIller's Apprentice: following the Tartarus Jailbreak, Stain recognizes he's not going to be around forever and that the League of Villains has stolen his image and corrupted his ideals. Stain decides to take Seiji Shishikura under his wing to train as his successor.

Vigilantes Crossover: Izuku and Ochako fight to bring the Crawler and Pop☆Step to justice. This arc could potentially follow the formula of having the superheroes team up at the end to fight a villain, but it doesn't have to. By this point Koichi Haimawari has relearned how to use his quirk to fly and his repulsion beam attacks have grown much more powerful. This arc will feature a chase/fight between Koichi and Deku.

Mirror Universe: Izuku is transported to another dimension where his counterpart has inherited All for One and leads the League of Villains. We get to see "For Want of a Nail" the conqequences of what would have happened if he didn't go to U.A.  In the Mirror Universe: Mirio Togata is the holder of One for All and still has his Permeation quirk, Ochako died during the Entrance Exam, Shoto Todoroki still refuses to use his left-side, Hitoshi Shinso won the U.A Sports Festival and was subsequently accepted into the Hero Course, Tenya Iida was killed by Stain, Bakugo lost his quirk after being captured by the League of Villains, and All For One defeated All Might (though was mortally wounded in the process). Izuku tries to find the Mirrorverse counterpart of the person whose quirk sent him to this alternate world, hoping that will be able to send him back. Along the way he fights against the Mirror Universe's League of Villains.

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Future of this blog series

My next "future arc" blog will focus on my ideas for story arcs set after Izuku's graduation from U.A, but that will probably be the last installment in this series for a very long time. To be honest, I'm running out of ideas for My Hero Academia story arcs. Focusing in on a specific type of story arc helped me generate more ideas than I otherwise would have, but that only got me so far.

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