This is the first in a series of blogs about my ideas for potential My Hero Academia story arcs. As I see it there are three types of story arcs in MHA.

Independent Villain Arcs: focus on conflicts between the heroes and a villain or group of villains who aren't part of the league, although the League might still be involved in some capacity. Examples of these include the Vs. Hero Killer, the Internship Arc, and the Cultural Festival Arc.

Part 2

Non-Villain Arcs: focus on the main characters trying to pass a test or win a competition. Examples of these include the Entrance Exam, Quirk Apprehension Test, Battle Trial, Sports Festival, Final Exam, Provisional Lisence Exam, and the Remedial Lisence Exam.

Sports Festival Arcs:
Training and Testing Arcs:

League of Villains Arcs: focus on conflicts between the heroes and the League of Villains. Examples of these arcs include the Unforseen Simulation Joint, Forest Training Camp, Hideout Raid, and Pro Hero Arc.

My ideas

Chainsaw Revenge: Toxic Chainsaw will be released from Tartarus in the same Jailbreak that frees All for One. Upon being liberated, Toxic Chainsaw first reunites with his son and then with his son's help seeks revenge against the now defenseless All Might. Izuku Midoriya and one of his classmates fights to protect All Might.

White Knight: Izuku Midoriya works alongside Bubbe Girl, Centipeder, and a new pro-hero that's taken over Sit Nighteye's office to capture a vigilante known as the White Knight. White Knight is someone who craves the glory and attention that comes from beign a hero so he sets up catastrophes so he can rescue people and play a hero.

Quirk Liberation Army: Prior to his defeat and imprisonment in Tartarus, Destro led a paramillitary terrorist group called the Quirk Liberation Army to fight for a society where those born with quirks would be free to use them and not have their gifts stifled by the government. Following the Tartarus Jailbreak, Destro gathers followers and resurrects the organization so he can resume "the Liberation of Japan".

Triggerhappy Arc: during Spring Break Izuku runs into Shinan Esashi, one of the boys who used to bully him alongside Bakugo. Shinan Esashi has become the leader of a group of delinquints called Triggerhappy (トリガーハッピー) because they all use the quirk enhancing drug known as Trigger. Shinan Esashi has reinvented himself as an hypermasculine foulmouthed gangster, obviously trying to imitate Bakugo.

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