This is the fourth in my blog series about my ideas for potential future My Hero Academia arcs.

My ideas

Tartarus Jailbreak: Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains locate and attack Tartarus, unleashing  infamous villains: including Toxic Chainsaw; Destro of the Quirk Liberation Army; Oji Harima, the uncanny theif; Kurogiri; Wolfram of the I-Island Incident; the Hero Killer Stain; and of course All For One.

Overhaul might reappear in this arc but will not escape. This will be the final arc in the "Rise of Villains Saga" and will up the events of the "Tartarus Escapee Saga".

Crimes of Endeavor: Just as it looks like the public has finally accepted Endeavor as the #1 Hero and his relationship with Shoto is improving, his past catches up with him. Natsuo begins to speaking out about Endeavor's absue and journalists start looking into Endeavor's background to find evidence of his crimes. It's in this arc that we learn about Endeavor's backstory and childhood. A representitive of the Hero Public Safety Comission contacts Shoto asking him to lie to the press and contradict Natsuo's story, saying that it's a threat to public safety and morale for the public to know these things.

Dabi confronts Endeavor again and this time publicly reveals his true identity as Toyo Todoroki, we get to see his childhood as well and what happened to seperate him from the rest of the family. Enji says he regrets what he did and asks for forgiveness. Dabi says that Endeavor doesn't deserve redemption, he deserves to be punished, then Toyo kills his father on live television.

Murder Mystery: Izuku, Ochako, and Toshinori Yagi, are trapped in an isolated location with several other people. One of them is actually Himiko Toga in disguise. When the pro hero meant to act as Toshinori Yagi's bodygaurd is murdered, Izuku and Ochako need to find out which of the guests is actually Toga in disguise.

Jin vs. Twice: the authorities arrest Jin Bubaigawara aka Twice or at least they think they have, since Twice is caught on tape comitting a crime during a time that the police have Jin Bubaigawara in custody. Jin claism to be the original version who escaped while his clones were murdering each other. He's been in a psychiatric hospital for years and was just recentlyd decided to check out

JIn volunteers to help the heroes capture his counterpart, saying he wants to have his life back and finally put the past behind him. All Jin was supposed to do was act as bait to hep lure Twice into a trap but the League of Villains outsmarts the heroes and manages to abduct Jin.

Once he's at the hideout Twice tries to have a heart to heart with his "creator" but Jin escapes his bonds, creates an entire team of himself to attack the villains and tries to kill Twice. Jin justifies this by saying Twice isn't a real person just a product of his quirk and that he's entitled to destroy Twice if he wants to.

Giran Capture: Izuku takes part in an operation to capture Giran, the broker who helps the League of Villains scout new recruits for their organization.

Nomu Factory Liberation: law enforcement discovers a location where human trafficking victims and captured heroes are taken to be turned into Nomus and then are stored until they are needed.

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