Between August 7th 2018 and February 2nd 2019, I wrote a series of seven blogs filled with ideas for future My Hero Academia story arcs.  Most of the potential story arcs I've come up with could still theoretically happen but some of my ideas have been disproven by more recent developments in the story.

Predictions I got sort of right

Meta Liberation Army arc: In "Independent Villain Arcs", the first installment of my blog series, I predicted we were going to get an arc focused on the Meta/Quirk Liberation Army. While I was correct that such an arc would happen, I got the details of the arc completely wrong.

Prior to his defeat and imprisonment in Tartarus, Destro led a paramillitary terrorist group called the Quirk Liberation Army to fight for a society where those born with quirks would be free to use them and not have their gifts stifled by the government. Following the Tartarus Jailbreak, Destro gathers followers and resurrects the organization so he can resume "the Liberation of Japan".

I also didn't predict that this would be a villain centric arc.

What I got wrong

Remedial Exam Arc: In "training events and exams arcs", the third installment of my blog series, I predicted that there would be an entire arc focusing on the final test of Bakugo, Shoto, Inasa, and Camie's Remedial Course.

In March, Bakugo, Todoroki, Camie, and Inasa retake the provisional hero license exam and this time they all pass. I think the scenerio for this exam is going to be rescuing hostages.

Jin Vs. Twice:  In "league of villains arcs", the fourth installment of my blog series, I came up with a story idea that relied on the ambiguity of Twice possibly not being the original version of himself.

the authorities arrest Jin Bubaigawara aka Twice or at least they think they have, since Twice is caught on tape comitting a crime during a time that the police have Jin Bubaigawara in custody. Jin claism to be the original version who escaped while his clones were murdering each other. He's been in a psychiatric hospital for years and was just recentlyd decided to check out
JIn volunteers to help the heroes capture his counterpart, saying he wants to have his life back and finally put the past behind him. All Jin was supposed to do was act as bait to hep lure Twice into a trap but the League of Villains outsmarts the heroes and manages to abduct Jin.
Once he's at the hideout Twice tries to have a heart to heart with his "creator" but Jin escapes his bonds, creates an entire team of himself to attack the villains and tries to kill Twice. Jin justifies this by saying Twice isn't a real person just a product of his quirk and that he's entitled to destroy Twice if he wants to.

Journey to the Testing Center: in "Independent VIllain arcs part 2", the fifth installment in my blog series, I came up with an arc idea that would lead into my predicted Remedial Exam Arc.

Today is the day of the Provisional License Remedial Test, but for Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki getting there on time is going to be an ordeal. The first obstacle is traffick being delayed because of a Giant villain battling Mt Lady, this goes on for several minutes and Katsuki and Shoto decide they can get their faster if they go on foot. The second obstacle comes in the form of group of delinquints with Dinosaur themed quirks who recognize Bakugo and Shoto and challenge them to a fight. Since they don't have their license yet and don't have permission to use their quirks to fight, Bakugo and Shoto have to run and hide the rest of the way there. At the beggining and ending of every chapter in this arc there's a box that shows how much time they have left till the test begins.

Christmas Reunion: In "Miscellanious arcs", the seventh installment in my blog series. I predicted that at the end of Izuku's 2nd semester at U.A he'd go home for the Holidays and that's when we'd meet his father.

It's December 25h and Izuku Midoriya has just finished his second semester at UA High School. Izuku is looking forward to a relaxing winter break but when he arrives at his apartment he finds his father Hisashi Midoriya.

What Now?

I plan to resume my "future arc predictions" blog series, and once a year I'm going to look back on all the ideas I've come up with to see which have come true and which have been disproven.

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