I predict that the next arc or the arc after next will be the final Exam for the Second Term of Izuku's first year at U.A.

For those of you who don't know, the Japanese high school year is broken up into three terms with vacation breaks in between each. The first term starts in early April and ends in late July, after that is Summer vacation. The second term starts in early September and ends in late December, then comes Winter Break. The final term begins in early January and ends in late March.

Horikoshi has made a point of showing that the weather is changing and the students are wearing their Winter Uniforms; in-universe I think it's December for the characters.

Also Japanese High School lasts for 3 years instead or 4 years like in America.

I'm operating under the theory that Horikoshi will write a Final Exam arc for the end of each term until Izuku graduates from U.A, and that Izuku's last exam will double as the test for his official hero license.

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