Out of Time-My Hero Academia: Exiles (アウト・オブ・タイム-僕のヒーローアカデミア:エクサイルズ) is a fanfiction concept I came up with.


Naomi Arizuka had belonged to the 8% minority of the population born with a quirk, in her case it was a mutant type quirk called Ant (蟻). Naomi had rose red hair, black eyed, ruby red antenna she could use to sense things, she had four arms, and large insect wings coming from her back. Her quirk also made her incredibly durable and granted her enhanced strength to the point she can lift things several times her own weight.

Because of her mutated features Naomi was prejudged, discriminated against, and bullied growing up especially by Akira Kurosawa. Most adults turned a blind eye to Akira bullying Naomi but would punish Naomi when she tried to fight back.

Naomi begins the story as an awkward tomboy with traits of internalized misogyny. Naomi internalized the idea that she was ugly and nobody but her parents would ever love her. At the same time as Naomi was jealous of other girls for their superior beauty and femininity, she also looked down on them and was prone to stereotyping them.

Akira Kurosawa was the beautiful valedictorian, always the prettiest, the smartest, and the most popular girl in every class. She's can also be haughty and vainglorious and especially towards Naomi can be mischevious and sadistic.

Akira and Naomi are mysteriously transported centuries into the future to a world where 80% of the population has a quirk. Naomi and Akira go their seperate ways and spend about a day homeless before each of them is approached by a man who asks them if they are from the past and claims to have a quirk that can send them home. Naomi confirms she is from the past but Akira recognizes the man is lying and calls him out on it, in both cases the man tries to kill them.

For Naomi this results in a fight that gets the attention of pro heroes and causes her attacker to flee, for Akira she tries to run away but her attacker eventually corners her and reveals he was ordered to kill her by somebody else. Before Akira's attacker can finish her off or reveal anything else Endeavor arrives and kills the villain.

Naomi and Akira are provided a place to stay by the Japanese governemnt and for different reasons each of them enters the Hero Academia. As these girls attend school and try to adjust to life in a superpowered society, they also try to solve the mystery of who sent them to the future and who is trying to kill them.

Along the way Naomi and Akira go from enemies to reluctant allies to eventually becoming best friends.

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