My Hero Academia-Alternate Worlds (僕のヒーローアカデミア-オールタネート・ワールズ) is a spin-off concept I came up with, I might write a fanfiction about this at some point.

Premise and Format

Alternate Worlds is an anthology of stories each taking place in a different alternate universe.

Some of these stories will explore how MHA could have unfolded if key moments in it's story had occured differently than they had in the canonical story.  Other stories may feature alternate histories for the characters or show societies that are different from what we see in the main series.

Because the Alternate Worlds stories take place outside the continuity of the main series they can feature things like character deaths or the victory of evil; they can also go way goofier than the main series does.

The majority of these stories are shown from the POV of somebody besides Deku.

Examples of Alternate Worlds

Bakugo's Quirk Loss: during his time kidnapped by the League of Villains, Bakugo's quirk is stolen by All for One. Besides this the Hideout raid goes about the same as it does in the main storyline, with All for One being captured and All Might forced into retirement. This story mostly focuses on Bakugo's identity crisis.

Officer Midoriya: Izuku Midoriya takes All Might's words to heart and decides to become a police officer instead of a superhero. Three years later, Izuku Midoriya graduates High School and becomes a member of the Musutafu City Police Department, and Katsuki Bakugo has become the hero King Explosion.

Uraraka Undercover: Ochako Uraraka was hired by the League of Villains to infiltrate U.A and get close to All Might's sucessor so she could keep tabs on him, but she never expected to actually fall in love with Deku. Now the League of Villains is asking her to assasinate Izuku Midoriya and promises her that if she does this than her parents will be set for life.

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