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    I did a page like this a few months ago but now I'm giving it another shot. Trying to predict how much ground Season 4 is going to cover and what specifically will be in each episode. I'm predicting this season will cover not just the Shie Hassaikai Arc but the Remedial Course Arc and the U.A. School Festival Arc.

    # title chapters adapted ch per ep
    1 The scoop on U.A Class1A 0 (filler) NA
    2 Overhaul 125-126 2
    3 Sir Nighteye and Izuku Midoriya 127-128 2
    4 Eri 129-131 3
    5 Let's go Gutsy, Red Riot ! 132-134 3
    6 An unpleasant Conversation 135-136 2
    7 Go! 137-138 2
    8 Suneater of the big 3 139-141 3
    9 Let's Rumble Rappa! 142-143 2
    10 Red Riot 144-146 3
    11 Twoga! 147-149 3
    12 Lemillion 150-152 3

    Episode 15 is a semi-filler episode. It expands on the Ryuku Squa…

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    Here are my thoughts on chapter 246.

    We get to see that Tomura Shigaraki did significant damage to his own body when he unleashed his Decay quirk against Re-Destro and the Meta Liberaton Army. Several parts of Shigaraki's arm appear to be missing layers of skin, the scars and cracks reach all the way up his arm to his kneck annd chest.

    Dr. Ujiko exposits about how Tomura's quirk has evolved and asks Tomura why he seeks even more power.

    "It's true...I have no more need for delicate moves. But I doubt this boost has made me unbeatable. Just ask CEO baldy he's still alive and kicking. And look at this arm. I went all out one time and this is what happened. How many of them are we going to face huh?"

    I immediately drew a parallel between Tomura and …

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    Bystander Effect

    September 8, 2019 by Lover of the Muse

    The Bystander Effect/Diffusion of Responsibility is a recurring motif in My Hero Academia. In the most recent arc we learned that Tenko Shimura grew up with an abusive father who would lock him outside for the night and beat him just for mentioning heroes. Tenko's mother and grandparents knew what was happening, they watched it, but did nothing to protect Tenko. Later on when Tenko Shimura is wandering the streets everyone ignores him, thinking it's not their responsibility and that a hero will come along and handle this kid.

    This motif was introduced in the very first chapter of the series.Early in the 1st chapter we see Bakugo explode Izuku's desk in plain view of the teacher and the rest of the students. Izuku scampers backwards, terrifi…

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    Between August 7th 2018 and February 2nd 2019, I wrote a series of seven blogs filled with ideas for future My Hero Academia story arcs.  Most of the potential story arcs I've come up with could still theoretically happen but some of my ideas have been disproven by more recent developments in the story.

    Meta Liberation Army arc: In "Independent Villain Arcs", the first installment of my blog series, I predicted we were going to get an arc focused on the Meta/Quirk Liberation Army. While I was correct that such an arc would happen, I got the details of the arc completely wrong.

    Prior to his defeat and imprisonment in Tartarus, Destro led a paramillitary terrorist group called the Quirk Liberation Army to fight for a society where those born …

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    My Hero Academia isn't just the story of how Izuku Miidoriya becomes the world's greatest hero, it's also the story of how Tomura Shigaraki becomes the world's greatest villain. I believe that All For One will someday transfer his quirk to Shigaraki.

    Izuku Midoriya was quirkless and Tenko Shimura was believed to be quirkless; but both dreamed of becoming heroes in spite of this. There is also another parallel between their origins.

    In chapter 1/episode 1 In chapter 1/episode 1 of the series we see Katsuki Bakugo explode Izuku's desk then, Izuku scampers into the corner and Bakugo stands over him yelling. All this is done in full view of the teacher and the other students and nobody helps Izuku. This moment implies that the torment Izuku suff…

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