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    Is Neito Monoma the son of All for One? It's my headcanon that this is true. The first reason I suspect they're related is because of the similarity between their respective quirks; AfO can steal the powers of others and Neito can temporarily copy them. The second, and more complicated reason, has to do with Neito Monoma's characterization.

    In Neito Monoma's introductory scene the first thing he does (after stealing Bakugo's headband) is speechify about his plans to his enemy and mock the hero. Monoma is intelligent, egotistical, eloquent and perfectly willing to be underhanded. He is prone to condescension, gloating/mockery,. and maniacal laughter. When you lay them out on paper Monoma's idiosyncracies start to sound suspiciously like supe…

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  • Lover of the Muse

    The first half of season 5 I predict will focus on the Pro Heroes Arc and the Joint Training Arc.

    Season 5 part 1
    # Title chapters adapted ch per ep
    1 Hero Billboard Charts JP 183-184 2
    2 Endeavor and Hawks 185-186 2
    3 Flaming Roar! Vs. Nomu: High-End 187-190 4
    4 Todoroki Family 191-192 2
    5 Vestiges 193-194 2
    6 Clash! Class A vs Class B 195-197 3
    7 Clever Commander 198-201 3
    8 Match 3 202-204 4
    9 Early Bird 206-208 3
    10 Successor 209-212 4
    11 Class A vs. Class B 213-216 4
    12 The Meta Liberation Army 217-218 2

    Part 2 will focus on the Meta Liberation Army Arc and whatever arc comes afterwards.

    Season 5 part 2
    # title chapters adapted ch per ep
    13 My Villain Academia 219-220 2
    14 Cockroaches 221-223 3
    15 Interview with a Vampire 224-226 3
    16 All it takes is One …

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  • Lover of the Muse

    Katsuki Bakugo is this series Shounen Rival and the deutertagonist. As such he serves as the most recurring foil to the protagonist Izuku Midoriya. Katsuki Bakugo's role in the story is so great that I've decided to split my analysis up into multiple parts.

    In the very first scene in the series we see Izuku Midoriya trying to defend a kid who was being hurt by a trio of bullies led by Katsuki Bakugo, the three boys bring out their superpowers and kick Izuku's ass for trying to be a hero. After that the series flashes forward ten years and when we see Bakugo as a teenager he's just as obnoxious. He brags about how great he is and berates his entire class for thinking they could even compare to him, then he destroys Deku's property and tells …

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  • Lover of the Muse

    In chapter 231 there's a moment when Koku Hanabutu, leader of the Hearts and Minds Party, and member of the Meta Liberation Army says "It is time we show the world that everyone is a hero! And that nobody is a hero!" There's a parallel that's been in my mind since we first learned the ideology of this villain group and as of this chapter I think this parallel is 100% intentional. Let's talk about the first Incredibles movie.

    Incredibles is a movie where special people aren't allowed to use their gifts/be themselves because of government regulation and an ungrateful conformist society. The film takes a dim view of egalitarianism and equates it to mediocrity. Part of the villain's evil plan is to sell powers so everyone can be super "because …

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  • Lover of the Muse

    My Hero Academia is a Shounen Battle series about a plucky underdog with a strong sense of justice in a superpowered world and his journey to become the best while fighting rivals and enemies. MHA follows a formula and features tropes and archetypes we've seen countless time in other Shounen series.

    My Hero Academia however is self-aware about the nature of it's tropes and uses that genre awareness to refine it's tropes to perfection or forgo a cliche completely if that's what will improve the story. Another thing that makes My Hero Academia work is it's strong character writing that allows characters (some of them anyway) to evolve beyond their initial archetypes.

    I'm going to be writing a series of blogs analyzing the characters and story …

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