This is for a story or even perhaps roleplay that involves a more dystopian look at the concepts of MHA. Instead of Heroes, the government hires agents that have been trained since their senior high years to their early twenties. The story would follow a girl from Project Black Knight, a project that takes in children with Quirks that are either dangerous to society or to themselves and turns them into agents, that had been released because of her getting over her Quirk's (Acute Senses; See below) drawback of Mental-Emotional Overload with the help of an autistic boy that has the Quirk Savant. She then joins the Agent Program proper as a normal agent instead of one raised by Project Black Knight.

Note: Step Skip is a quirk belonging to a user not a part of the Black Knight Project.

I'll be rating the Quirks by the way.

Power = Destructive capability of the quirk

Versatility = The array of uses for the Quirk

Leniency = How lenient is the drawback. (The higher the rating, the more lenient it is)

Step Skip: (User: Bolten Roy)

The user hatches a three step plan within his mind and is capable of insantly succeeding or, the term more used, skipping one of the steps. For example, he plans to rush towards his opponent, punch em' in the face, and retreat into a defense. He can instantly skip the rush to teleport to his opponent, or do it manually so he can skip the punch, automatically hitting the target, or manually do it and a skip into a retreating stance to defend against an enemy counter.

The drawback lies in that if the user does not complete the three step plan after skipping, they cannot skip until they finally do. After skipping a punch, they must attempt a retreat. This can be countered with none specific concepts. Instead of using the idea of punching his enemy after skipping the dash, the idea of attempting an attack on the enemy is enough. This is a better idea because the user can still choose what kind of attack they may follow up with and using the concept of it being an attempt, the attack does not neccesarily need to succeed in order for the plan to be complete. 

Note that the user cannot do anything they cannot complete manually. They cannot break through steel doors, at least not without breaking any bones. Speed is not a concept though in the Quirk. Incredibly fast object can still be caught no matter the speed as long the action used to catch it is skipped, making this Quirk incredibly useful against superhumanly fast opponents since it almost completely negates their advantage.

Power: 2/5

Versatility: 4/5

Leniency: 4/5

Acute Senses: (User: Eve N. Adamus)

The effectiveness and more so the acuteness of the user's senses are vastly enhanced to impossible levels and, as a sub-ability, the capability to store and comprehend the information gained is also given. The user can acutely the determine the number of atoms in an object, the speed of movement of an object, the radioactivity of the object, and other details. A side-effect of the Quirk, being able to comprehend so many details at such speeds, is superhuman reflexes.

With martial arts skills, one may be able to predict the movements of opponents. The user can see the trajectories of projectiles and figure out their path of movement. The ability to know what an object is made of is also useful for strategies.

The problem with the Quirk is that a large part of the brain is used to comprehend and store the knowledge gained. A part of this is taking in information that is less factual and impacts her emotional levels more. Her mind will rapidly pick apart scenes, building them up, extracting as much information as possible, and may cause emotional breakdowns or even may result in mental problems if the effects are not dealt with efficiently. Basically, the user has a problem with dealing with emotions and may revolt in very extreme ways. This results in poor cooperation and decision making.

Power: 1/5

Versatility: 5/5

Leniency: 2/5

Savant: (User: Samael M. Star, lovingly nicknamed Eden)

Savant causes the user to be mentally enhanced in virtually all levels and gives near perfect control to both the body and emotions. The enhancement of the mind is so great that a three year old with high-functioning autism (Samael) has been classified as a threat by the world due to his capability to build nuclear bombs using everyday items. Savant also allows the user to learn skills at extremely fast rates and to levels of effectivity beyond normal humans or even the greatly gifted on the skill. By the age of five, the user (Samael) has become a world-class martial artist, is capable of playing the most complex pieces of music, and has gained leadership skills great enough to govern a country by himself lonesome. The user also has perfect photographic memory, enhanced observational skills, and vastly enhanced thinking speed and comprehension. Similarly to Acute Senses, the subject effectively gains superhuman reflexes as a result of their thinking speed.

Like Acute Senses, the user is able to predict the actions of others with enough experience, both combat wise as well as generally if the user so wanted to tap into psychology and become a mastered psychiatrist. The user, however, does not have access to as much details but can milk so much more from what they can get from the given information. The user has also been known to be capable of building technology centuries ahead of the time.

The thing is that Savant directly links the mental activity to the emotional activity. While Savant allows control on the surface level emotions, it cannot thoroughly control what is on the inside. It makes things worse by adding layers. The first layer is the surface level layer, wherein the user can perfectly controls what happens. The second layer is the activity layer, where the user's true mood and personality lie. As more brain activty is added, the more violent and erratic this layer becomes. This calls for the need of annual cleaning which cleanses the brain of activity so that the user does not become more of a danger than they already are. The last layer is known as the calculation layer where the cold hard truth lies. No matter what level of activity he thinks at, this layer will stay constant and puts his mental ego at a level unimaginable. Although being smarter than everyone would usually make them egotistical, which does technically happen here, it more makes him depressed on the inside as it slowly claws at him, telling him the truth and near perfect predictions of each person. This makes making true connections to people difficult as to him, everyone is already preprogrammed and he is reading the script. He knows what will happen and it leaves him no surprise, it makes his life boring. Everyone around him is a robot, and with him just following along, knowing that deep down, he too is preprogrammed, making him just another robot.

Although the two last layers can be a bit of an oxymoron, his emotions are effectively inhuman, making it so that trying to comprehend how he feels an impossible task.

Power: 3/5

Versatility: 6/5

Leniency: 3/5

Zombie: (User: Frank Steiner)

Zombie allows the user to become effectively immortal as long as they've eaten something. (Side-effect, anything fresh and organic is healthy to him, no matter what it is or where it came from) Once they get damaged or a part of their body fails, biomass resembling what they've eaten will pop to heal the injury. Depending on what he has eaten, he may gain certain abilities. If he has eaten something stronger than a human, he'll gain superhuman strength. Some times, certain biomass from different meals will combine and give him something different. This quirk already gives him regeneration and abilities pertaining to what he has eaten. The fun part is when he starts eating humans with quirks.

When biomass from humans pop up, it may or may not come with the Quirks they held. If he has eaten someone with a fire quirk and he loses his left hand, it will regenerate with a hand that has the fire quirk active in it. Now, if he had also eaten someone with an ice quirk and loses his right hand, his right hand will regenerate with the ice quirk. This gives him two Quirks at the same time until one or both of the hands are blown off and replaced with something else. There is no limit to the amount of Quirks he can use as long as it can fit on his body.

The drawback is that he is not able to choose what biomass replaces the lost one. Its mostly a game of luck. The only other drawback is that he is not able to regenerate memories. While he can regenerate his head, anything in his brain will be lost. You will effectively kill Frank Steiner and replace him with an empty shell.

Power: Varies

Versatility: 6/5

Leniency: 4/5

Energy Body: (User: Godbrand Freeman)

The user's body contains an extremely destructive energy that when released from a smal scratch, can cut through diamond and virtually anything. Godbrand was given to the Black Knight Project by the fear that the smallest scratch can end a life. According to Savant user, Samael M. Star AKA Eden, Godbrand's energy is kinetic, meaning while it looks like energy or plasma, it is simply a form of gaseous matter compressed inside his body itching to be release in some form. But Eden reccomends that its just called an energy cause it looks like it and would prevent anyone trying to stop it from creating an effective counter. The destructive capability, according to Eden, when released on a wide scale is said to equal numerous atomic bombs and could perhaps get rid of a small country.

Of course, the draback is that Godbrand has to be injured enough that the 'energy' can be released but not enough the it causes wide mayhem. He also has to be healed in some form, making it required that he be assisted by someone with a healing quirk or make cuts small enough that they can be healed very quickly by natural means.

Godbrand is rarely ever used on field missions and is rarely allowed to train. Any injury could result in the loss of life of anyone in the vicinity.

Power: 6/5

Versatility: 1/5

Leniency: 1/5