Hello!!! i'm here to talk about what happens in my life and i hoping to make new friends. please be my friend! i know i would like all of you guys! i have been going through some stuff right now, i really would like the support from my new friends! right now it is 9:57 pm, it's Sunday and school is tomorrow!! ugh i just don't really enjoy school! so anyway i just got cheated on and i have to sit by my ex boyfriend!! ugh i just don't like it when your friend and your boyfriend have a thing going on and your friends know an they won't tell you like WTF that what friends are for!! if something is going on between another friend and your boyfriend and they don't say anything like why bother talking to them. My life right now has giving me anxiety! ugh my bio dad is still in the hospital from my knowledge and my one of my adoptive moms is getting surgery tomorrow!i just wish my best friend Len were here with me! but from the bad news to the good news! Thanksgiving is this week!!! i'm so excited for all the food me and my family are going to make!! don't you guys love thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays! I'm also excited about this summer! i get to go to Costa Rica for a week! i can't wait, but i'm not going to get used to the time change..... so that might be an issue. But i would love to ask you guys some questions! 1. what is your favorite holiday? 2. Would you be My Friend?  3. what is your favorite Anime Show/movie??? 4. tell me some good anime shows that are still on Netflix!!! later!

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