So we all know and watched or read the 'Katsuki 'Bakugo':Origin'''''. But don't you ever think that in the 'Origin' he might've been close to this limit almost like Deku's Quirk? 

For example, when Bakugo was fighting off All Might you can obviously see that every time he was using his explosions to defend himself and give Deku time to run to the gate that it would give out shocks in his arms and his veins.  It's pretty scary to see that and knowing he could have been close to reaching his limit and giving up knowing he couldn't take it anymore. And if he wants to develop on his quirk, he should at least try to not scream or yell because anybody or a kid who looks up to him doesn't want to be scared by him saying DIE! or Go to hell!.  I understand he is a violent little boy but knowing him personally now and knowing his backstory and how his parents raised him shouldn't really need to reflect on him but that's just my opinion.