I will use this blog to review episodes for Season 3 of BNHA. Me and Ya Boi King Kai will watch the episodes and then chat about our reaction to them.


Season 3, Episode 1 "Game Start"

Ya Boi King Kai: Mineta was purely Mineta, and Kaminari has seemed to join the dark side a little. It's fun to see those 2 do there thing. Bakugo showed up, and I still despise him. Nothing has changed there. Tenya Iida is still a breath of fresh "BOI"! He sure seemed to swing that arm around so easily despite having it nearly chopped off by the hero killer. As for Midoriya, he didn't quite grasp the concept of why Mineta and Kaminari wanted to go to the pool. But even if he did, the girls still weren't wearing the bikinis that they thought they would. Still didn't effect Mineta, though. Anyway, it's nice to see a slice of life episode. It's nice to see how normal these people with incredible super powers can be. It's just anither day for them.

Legendary Super Saiyan Fennekin:

It seemed like a filler episode to me, but very well placed. It is good to start off a season with a recap episode to get you cought up and help you remember what happened last. It was cool to see super heroes just chillin' at the pool like it's just another day. It was funny seeing the pool race (Though it seemed like everyone cheated, except for Midoriya) and comical when Aizawa cut it short. I like how they gave Toru Hagakure a little more screen time. It had a new opening theme, too. I liked the last theme better, but I think it will grow on me. A new ending, too. It was a funny episode. I likey.

Season 3, Episode 2 "Wild, Wild Pussycats"

Ya Bo King Kai:

The episode starts off with everyone getting on the bus. And of course, Mineta is Mineta, constantly living up to Aizawa's description as "The body of lust among the students." They get on the road and don't quite understand what they are getting ready to go through. Aizawa is trying to give instructions to the students, but everyone is just ignoring him, talking about what they want to do and music and stuff. They are getting to get EXACTLY what they desrve. Aizawa deserves more respect. They come to a stop and Mineta REALLY has to pee, but there is no restroom. And that is when the red and green cat people show up. I can't exactly remember their names, but I think one was called Bob. And by their side is the angry kid who reminds me almost exactly to a T of that kid from the earlier episodes of Original Naruto, Inari. Inari also slightly reminds me of Kid Luffy from One Piece, but that's neither here nor there. After getting thrown over the cliffs face, Class 1-A is forced to fight their way through a forest full of mud monsters created by Bob. Our Heroes had to work together (Well, as close together as Bakugo will work with anybody). After making it through, they are allowed to rest in a hot spring. Mineta, as shamlessly beautiful as he is, decides to climb the partition using his Quirk, claiming that "Walls are meant to be climbed over". He is stopped by Kota, who procedes to knock him off the wall. He is caught by Iida, who is met with a sight that will haunt him for the rest of his life. Surprised by the girls, Inari's look alike falls off the wall as well, caught by Midoriya. We then learn about Kota's troubled past, which is nothing short of Inari's. This is all well and good for our heroes, but tomorrow Hell truly begin. MWAHAHA!

Legendary Super Saiyan Fennekin:

Yay! An action-packed episode! Whoopie! Tenya is standing infront of the bus, flailing those arms to direct peeps into the bus. Aizawa is trying to tell them what they'll have to do, but of course no one is listening. They get out of the bus and meet the Wild, Wild Pussycats. Midoriya Shonen, being the awesome weeb he is, fills us all in on who they are. Mineta doesn't really care right now, because he's about to bust. They get knocked off of the cliff and have to fight a bunch of dirt monsters. Mineta pees himself, that squeeky-voiced guy summons some animals to help, Kacchan is being a loose cannon, Shoto is using his Elsa powers, and they WIN! Well, now they get back late. (They didn't die, at least.) They rest up in the hot springs, Mineta is being a perv yet again, but is stopped by Kota (He DOES remind me of Inari, too!). Tenya Iida sees more Minoru Mineta than he needed to see. Kota sees more of the opposite gender than he needed to see. Midoriya Shonen had to save his bacon so he wouldn't fall to his death. Yada-yada-yada. Kota has a sad story, as told by Bob (I think) and he hates Ninjas now.....I mean Heroes. Yet another great episode.

Season 3, Episode 3, "Kota"

Ya Boi King Kai:

Class 1-A and 1-B begin their time in Hell. Our heroes are shown that, though they have grown as people (Except Bakugo. GRRRRR Bakugo...) their quiks haven't. So they are to train their quirks. Bakugo is forced stick his hands in hot water and then explode, Deku has to do a weird dance and Sero has to agonizingly shoot never-ending amounts of tape off a cliff (That part was what made the episode worth while for me.) Iida is reciprobursting around the place while yelling. We are also introduced to the other two members of the Wild, Wild Pussycats. A teal colored one whose name I forget, and a big guy who doesn't fit with the team at all. They help with the training. Class 1-B is terrified by the immense training, but they have to partake anyway. At the day's end, our heroes are forced to fix their own cury. Iida, being the "Useful" Teacher's pet that he is, tries to rally everyone. Bakugo once agian reveals how useless his attitude makes him, though he IS good wth a knife (for better or worse). Deku takes Inari some cury and sticks his nose where it doesn't bellong, but as All Might teaches, that is a hero's job. We all were led to believe that Inari has no quirk, but that is not true. Ask the poor rock wall. The second day reveals that nobody slept like tey needed because they had to do tests all night. Then their work begins anew. Todoroki is training by warming and cooling his bath tub (Ooh, so hard!) Shoji is training his... tenticles? Whatever. to detect Hagakure better. Froppy is climbing a mountain with her tongue. I don't know if a tongue is actually a muscle, but whatever. In the end, they have to walk through a forrest at night. I'm not sure why because I missed the explination in the subs and the Crunchyroll was being fidgetty for me. Anyway, League of villains "Vanguard I think they said?" consisting of Dabi (perhaps my new favorite villain/ wassup with those scars I wonder?) Toga (That fun maniac that everyone seems to love/ Norman Bates-ette kinda scares me) and some other people that I don't know, one guy in particular that wears a full body straight-jacket with only the mouth left open attacks. They begin spreading poinson and burning stuff to either mask the smell, use it to call other heroes in or both. The episode ends around this point, but suffice it to say that I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next!

Legendary Super Saiyan Fennekin:

Well, people start training. Kacchan is making hard-boiled HANDS, Shoto is taking a bath, Midoriya Shonen is being the grooviest person in school, Tenya is running everywhere, Sero is puting Scotch tape out of buisness, Sato and Momo are eating junk foods, *Huff*Puff* Tsu is licking walls, Mineta is pulling his hair out, and that guy with the tentacles is training with Toru. Some crazy lady and a fat man in a skirt are the other members of the Wild, Wild Pussycats that we've heard about. Then they have to cook for themselves, Iida being the bossy/awesome (Bossome?) guy he is getting everyone fired up for it. Kacchan is scary with a knife, Momo's quirk is compared to poop, and Midoriya Shonen brings Kota some food. He procedes to tell Kota his story, with the whole "I have a friend who..." lie. Then the BAD guys show up. YAY! Dabi is being cool, Toga is being cool, other guys whose names I don't know are being cool. Ah. It was a REALLY good episode. I'm stoked to see what the next episode will be about!

Season 3, Episode 4, "My Hero"

Ya Boi King Kai:

As the episode starts off, Aizawa is escorting some students from Class 1-A to the Class Room for safety. We see that guy (Can't remember his name) taunting them with his saturated lines. But sad enough, this time the big-handed lady isn't there to stop his heart. They get a telepathic message from the pussy cats (I think it was the red one) about the Villains attacking. All Students are told to flee for safety, and avoid combat at all costs. But, Deku, being the Hero that he is, says that he has to go save Kota because he knows where he is.Kota is in trouble though, because Muscular is there, who apparently was the one who killed Kota's parents (Fate, huh). Deku shows up and stands between Muscular and Kota where he begins to pull an All-Might sort of "I am here" speech, but screws up and misses his chance to actually say "I am here." (I watched in japanese, so maybe he did in english) Muscular powers up into his big puffy form that reminds me of a three way fusion between Broly, Roronoa Zoro (Face only) and Spongebob when he bought the fake muscles off of the TV. Turns out that Muscular is just a big turd who's only in it to murder. Deku prepares to fight, but Muscular breaks his arm with a punch. Deku stands and tries to fight Muscular, but full-cowling isn't good enough. In an effort to save Kota, Deku resorts to using One for All 100% and breaks his other arm somthin' fierce. Muscular catches it and tries to crush him. Deku, using his broken arm tries to hold him back and crys a little (Because no episode is complete wthout it.) Kota uses his "Pee out of your hands" Quirk to destract Muscular. Deku then uses 1,000,000% One for All. This part confused me. You can't give more than 100%. And even if he did it'd kill Deku. if 100% breaks his arms, then 1,000,000% would make them explode. It felt like they pulled the victory out of their butts (Just like they usually do with Broly from Dragon Ball) But in the end, it had me on the edge of my seat, so I can't complain. Muscular did let slip a vital piece of info. "They're after Bakugo." They escape and Kota calls him his hero. and the episode ends.

Legendary Super Saiyan Fennekin:

Aizawa is taking the scared Students back to the Class Room, where Monoma is waiting for them with his saturated lines. They are told to stay in the class room for safety and stuff, but Midoriya Shonen has to go save Kota because he Is A hErO! Muscular is there wearing a mask and wants Lil' Kota's hat. Midoriya Shonen and Muscular fight

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