Boku no Hero Academia Fan-Fiction: Imperium Possessor Septem

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"Shoot. I am going to be late for school!"

A girl said, running as fast as she could.


Came a scream from an alley. She stopped.

"...I was going to be late, anyway."

She said as she sat her backpack down. The girl removed the extra layer of school clothes that she was wearing, tucking them neatly into her bookbag. She took a deep breath as her body grew in height and muscle mass, her face changing structure to look more like an adult. She ran to the alley to see two kids, High-School age, mugging a boy.


She thought.


He shouted.

"If you put this much effort into a REAL job, you'd make much more money than you would pawning off this child's luchbox and textbooks."

She sassed as she walked towards them, grinning.

"Just who the heck do you think you are?!"

One of the bullies shouted, showing off his animalistic quirk by ponting his claws at her.

"Who I KNOW I am is the person who will protect this young man. You can run away now, or..."

She grabbed the lid of an old trash can and bent it in half, then in half again.

"....This will be you when I'm through."

One of the delinquents ran.

"Wh-where are you going?! IDIOT!"

The other bully let go of Hideo and ran away as well. The girl sighed.

"I am SO glad that lid was made out of aluminium."

She thought. Hideo stood propped against a bulding, trying to catch his breath.

"Th-*Huff* Thank you, Ma'am! What's y-*Puff* What is your name?"

"N-not improtant right now, Young Man."

She replied while picking up the notebooks and sketchpads that had falen out of his messenger bag.

"You really shouldn't be in the alleys, even in broad daylight. Musutafu can be a dangerous place."

"Trust me, Ma'am. It wasn't my choice!"

He said as he placed his books in his bookbag.

"Have we met bfore, Ma'am? You look familiar."

"N-no. I assure you, th-that we've never met before. Heheh."

"...Maybe I saw you on television? Hmm. I-I've got to go! Thanks again, Ma'am! Now, I'm going to be late for school!"

He said as he ran.

"That makes two of us, Hideo."

She mumbled as she returned to her true form.


She ran through the door of Aldera Junior High. The Custodian hollered at her.

"The floors are wet, Young Lady! Be careful not to-"

She fell flat on her back.


He helped her up.

"Are you alright, Miss Sasaki? Did you hit your head?"

He asked.

"I-I'm fine, Mr. Aizawa. Thank you!"

She took off running yet again. She opened the Classroom door. The Blonde-Haired Teacher looked at her.

"Young Sasaki, you are late...again."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Y. I overslept."

"Well, please take your seat.'

Hideo waved at her.

"Hey, Nana. I got mugged today."

The Teacher's jaw dropped.

"R-really? Why didn't you mention that earlier?"

"Don't worry, Mr. Yagi. A Hero saved me."

"W-well, that's good, Young Shimura. N-not that you got robbed, but that you were saved."

He said. He cleared his throat.

"Today we will be learning about the origins of Mutant Quirks..."

               *                                                             *                                                          *

Nana and Hideo sat in the Cafeteria.

"...And then the lady bent this trash can lid...."

Nana was playing dumb. She had to. Her quirk was merely cosmetic. It was something that she used as a disguise, so she could be taken seriously as an Amateur Her. She was only a child, still attending Middle School, Even though her Quirk was only for Shapeshifting, she still felt like she was responsible for the safety of those around her. She grinned asshe heard Hideo finish his story.

"I tell you, Nana. She was such a COOL Hero!"

"Even cooler than Top Notch?"

"Well, she did save me. But...Top Notch is still my favorite. Did you hear? Top Notch got a new Sidekick. And I have got to say, he sounds promising. His Hero name is Gran Torino. His Quirk is-"

Hideo's sentance was interupted when another student elbowed him in the side of the head.

"Keep talking, Quirkless Geek."

Another student knocked Hideo's milk carton over. Completely soaking his sandwich.

Nana was enraged, backing away from the table and standing up.


She snapped. One of the students stopped and turned around.

"I'd stay quiet, if I were you! You aren't any better, Warp-Girl!"

The kid said. Nana lunged at him, fist first.

The punch made contact to the left side of his face.

"N-Nana! Wait!

Hideo screamed too late.

Nana knew that she, more than likely, woud lose this fight. But, at that moment, she acted without thought. She acted on instinct. The punches came at her with each passing second, her face now bloodied. Whether it was her's or their's, she did not know.

"Nana is going to get into BAD trouble for defending me! But, I won't let her fight alone!"

Hideo thought as he jumped into the clash. Students and School Faculty alike ran over, breaking up the fight.


After visiting the School Nurse and Principal, Nana Sasaki and Hideo Shimura finished their other classes, but had to stay at School awhile longer as punishment

*                                                                                      *                                                                               *

Their Teacher, Toshinobu Yagi, stood infront of his desk.

"Well, the two of you most certainly made a scene today."

Hideo, who only had minor scrapes and bruises from the scuffle, stood at his desk.

"Mr. Yagi, Nana was just trying to defend me. I-"

"-Please, Young Shimura, back in your seat."

"Y-yes, Sir."

Toshinobu crossed his arms, as he sat on the edge of his desk.

"Young Sasaki, I know that they were picking on you and Young Shimura, but rough and tumble fighting is against the rules."

"I am sorry, Mr. Yagi..."

She said, holding an ice pack to her face.

"....I just...I acted without thinking. Me and Hideo...we're each other's only friend. I'm sorry."

Toshinobu smiled.

"...Normally, since you initiated the fight, you would have Detention every Saturday for a full Semester. But, your record is clean, except for being late every now and again. I spoke with the Principal and convinced him to let the two of you off the hook..."

Nana and Hideo began smiling.


They swallowed hard.

"....Keep this a secret from the other Students. We don't need them to get jealous and cause a fight."

"Thank you, Mr. Yagi!"

Nana and Hideo said in unison.

"You two are dismissed!"

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