Hi, I'm Layla Isaku, I'm 16 and in Class-1A. My quirk is called Devils rage, I can summon demons and 'Teleport', its not really teleporting but ok they call what they call it. I'm long time friends with the Baku squad, they're fun to be around well Katsuki is kind of mean but ok. I'm friends with Deku and Todoroki but we don't really talk that much. I usually just stay to myself or keep with my friends when I can. I sit in the back of the classroom with Todoroki, which is fun I guess.

My family is just my Mom, my Sister and me. My father died due to an..... accident that happened one day. My mother is quirkless and my sister is only three so she hasn't manifested her quirk yet. I have scars on my body for a reason and I don't really talk about them. For a weird reason, I'm a good singer and I have no bonds with any sirens, I think its weird cause I get most of my stuff from my demon bonds.

The last name Isaku is my mothers last name, My father was a Pro Hero and when he died I took the last name of my mothers cause I felt like I had done some thing wrong just watching him die in front of me. I could have saved him.... I could have done something....

The reason I want to be a Pro Hero is because I want to avenge my fathers death, the death I caused...

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