Chapter Two: Class 1-A, One Trigger, Blade and Bone.

One day, after the whole overheating thing, I woke up to no one being there with me. Kayama had headed out early, I put on my hero suit, which was just some damaged jeans and a black muscle shirt over a fur-collared black and red jacket. I couldn't just leave though. I saw Kayama's lunch bag on the counter.

'Shit! She forgot about it!' I thought, taking it and sprinting out of the door. I sped into the subway train, plunking myself down on the seat.

'Kayama doesn't deserve to go hungry! I promised her family that I'd take care of her. She deserves something to repay her kindness. She's been taking care of me more than me taking care of her.`` I thought, fast walking into UA's courtyard, the lunch bag clenched tightly in my fist. I didn't remember where her classroom was, so I waited until class lets out, following a crowd of students towards the Modern Art classroom.

When they all sat down in there, I hid by the door.

"Good morning everyone!" Nemuri's voice called out, a bit muffled by the door.

I took a deep breath, 'C'mon, Giriko. Just open the door, dash, and dash out.' I thought, sliding the door open, walking in casually enough.

"That's Judgement! No way!" A boy with green hair called out as I turned to see about twenty or so pairs of eyes on me.

"Everyone... this is my husband, Giriko Kenzaburo. Or Judgement." Kayama said as I braced myself for the oncoming storm.

"WHAAAT!" The kids yelled as I dropped the bag on the desk, turning on my Judgement voice.

"You forgot this," I growled, walking back out.

Kayama had latched herself on my arm though. Let me tell you all that she could BENCH PRESS me. I'm a huge softie, by the way. She embraced me from behind. In front of everyone.

"Thanks, babe." She whispered into my ear.

She then kissed me on the cheek.

"See you at home," I muttered.

All while some of the kids were freaking out, fangirling/fanboying like no tomorrow.

I was hunting after a color gang that had terrorized the smaller boroughs on the outside of the city. It was quiet and peaceful there, and I had promised to help them out. I pulled the hood on my jacket up over my head. Observing their hideout.

This was definitely not just a color gang, I knew that just by looking at their weapons and quirks. I estimated that there were more than twenty or so men there. They all wore body armor and had crazy strong Quirks. I summoned my chains, glaring at them from the shadows.

'One... Two... Three... four... one.' I thought, lunging towards the lone man, taking him down by razoring his throat.

"Gla... ah." he gurgled as I put on his body armor, armored mask shielding my identity.

I snuck into the compound, being careful not to make a sound, my phone was out, silently taking picture after picture of the compound and its contents. Until I saw what they really were hiding.

It was a lab, full of vats of small plastic capsules and syringes, more and more were being spilled into a whole room of bins. I grabbed one, took a picture of what it was, and put it back.

All of the heroes would be freaking out.

"Hey! You!" A voice called out.

'Shit! It's showtime!' I thought, summoning my hedge-blades.

"What are you doing here?" The guy asked.

"You stand accused," I growled, swinging my arm at the guy, bringing him down in one shot.

'Remember, no witnesses.' I thought, tackling the next guy and cutting him to pieces.

I tore through that section of the base, leaving out of an open window, my blades covered in blood and my normal hero suit spattered with it.

'Judgement is bloody, judgment leads to justice, justice leads to peace, peace leads to death, death leads to war, repeat the cycle.' I thought, smirking as I went through the evidence on my phone.

I heard a clattering noise behind me as a huge bone came flying at me, my arm shot out, cutting it and sending it clattering to the ground.

"Bloody Judgement, I have a proposal for you." A young voice said, revealing a petite blond girl around the age of the kids in Nemuri's class.

"Been a long time since someone used that stupid nickname, who the hell are you?" I drawled, turning my blades to face her.

"My name is Himiko Toga, and I'm interested in acquiring the information you have with you right now." Toga giggled.

"Nah kid, I'm not interested in givin' it to ya, I busted my ass trying to get it today." I sighed, smiling.

Toga grimaced, "Well then, get 'im, Bonejangles!" she called, a gargantuan monster made of bone lumbered towards me.

I started my blades, jumping high into the air and razoring the bone-colossus. It slammed me to the ground, trying to run me through on its bones. I rolled out of the way, my blades whirring strongly and I rounded back, bringing it down on the monster's head, "EAT BLADE, YOU CORPSE BRIDE REJECT!" I yelled, not my best one-liner, but it works.

I brought the thing down, it spurted up some sort of chunky, congealed mess and shuddered. I finished it off with a soaring spike kick to its stomach. I got covered in the congealed, chunky liquid. It was yellow, and it reeked with decay.

'It's probably gonna take me forever to just wash it all out! Maybe five or six washes?! Maybe seven or eight?!' I thought, panicking.

I opened the door carefully. Being careful not to bring attention to me.

"You're back late," Kayama said, turning around in her chair.

"Oh! Hey babe!" I greeted, staying in the shadows.

"Why are you hiding? Did you... oh my God..." Kayama gasped.

"You snapped, didn't you?" She said, closing her eyes.

"I'm sorry, I did, now I gotta take a shower. Seriously, the things I've done today..." I sighed.

She stopped me, "Giriko, I can't just let you walk away from it. From being Bloody Judgment, I mean." She sighed.

"Get cleaned up, okay? Then we'll talk." Kayama growled, sitting back down in her chair.

I went upstairs, my mind sent reeling. 'I'm probably gonna lose her. I'm gonna be a pitiful reject...' I thought, standing in the shower without any water running.

I turned the knob, feeling the water wash all the grime off from today, inside, I felt like scum.

After I was done, I dried myself off, feeling a little better.

I sat down and slumped against the door.

"Giriko is in the bathroom... Giri's in a bathroom as Kayama is angry. No, you can't come in." I sang quietly.

"Giriko, stop with the self-deprecating singing. It makes me really disappointed." Kayama sighed on the other side.

"In general?" I asked.

"Yes, in general, now come out." She sighed.

I opened the door, smiling weakly as she stood there, her hands on her hips and a pouting expression on her face.

"Look, I'm sorry. But I had a promise to keep. I found a lot of evidence pointing towards some of the distributors of Trigger, though." I explained.

"That doesn't matter! Because I need you alive! What about... what about our kid?" Kayama ranted, calming down and grabbing my hands, holding them at arm's length.

"Kid?" I asked, my mind sent on another 'holy shit' moment.

"Yeah, but our kid doesn't need you to go out and never come back. That's why I've been trying to keep you away from your hero work!" Nemuri snapped.

"I see. But I can't just stop." I sighed.

"I've already made the arrangements," she informed me, smirking at my dumbfounded expression.

"So... I'll... have to..." I gasped.

"Stay home? Yep!" She said, smiling widely.

I remember starting to laugh, picking her up by the waist and swinging her around.

"You know, I'm probably gonna defy that order, Kay-chan," I said, smirking wryly.

"Do that and you're gonna get sent to Poundtown," Kayama growled.

Okay. Let's tally up what I did today.

One: Got my wife's lunch to her.

Two: Infiltrate and take down the local Trigger dealers.

Three: Fought a giant bone colossus named Bonejangles.

And finally, found out that my wife's gonna be a mom, and in effect, me being a dad... maybe.

Today's been insane.

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