Chapter Three: Stir-Crazy, Dad's Last Words. Stains and Blades.

It's only been a day of me milling around doing errands and I already want to die. I waited in the grocery store line for FOUR hours! Four goddamn hours of waiting for land whales and prunes to check out and go! Then I went back to the house to clean it up as a surprise for Nemuri when she got home. I also realized that my blades would trigger when I came in contact with some surfaces. I shaved off uneven slats on our roof, and cleaned the house, working hard.

I missed work. I really did. I kept on fidgeting, thinking any second, the world would fall apart. my instincts howled for more fighting. For more blood. I struggled mightily for the feeling to stop. Swimming strongly against the tides of bloodlust and rage.

Where did it all stem from? You may be asking, because you don't know much about my origin. I came from a nuclear family, all with some sort of blade related quirk. My father was the preceding Judgment, my mother wasn't a hero, she was actually a villain. Retired. Thank god.

I have a little sister named Tomoko. She's not a hero, but a topiary artist. We're two years apart. Our family was mainly normal, with me going into UA, meeting Hizashi, Nemuri, and Aizawa, and finishing off with a career that spanned a long period of time between my apprenticeship and my father's retirement.

*Ring... Ring... BREEEE!* my phone wailed.

"Yo! You've reached the phone of Giriko-" I started.

"Hey bro! How's it going?" Tomoko's constant sunshine voice curled through the phone.

"Stir-crazy, impatient, and excited for a certain someone to come join us in the world." I huffed.

"Wait... you and Nemuri...?" Tomoko gasped.

"Yeah, a kid, there. Mom and Dad should be happy at least one of us will give 'em children..." I growled.

"Actually, that's why I called. Dad's in the hospital." Tomoko sighed.

"What? Do you need me there? How long does he have?" I yelled.

"He's got a few days. You better hurry." Tomoko sighed.

I practically burst into the hospital room, leaving a note behind at the house for Nemuri in case she needs to know where I was. She would tie me to the ceiling, and whip me. She kind of had to know.


Simple, sweet, and to the point. In the room, Tomoko, my Mom, and the man of the hour were there, Dad was lying in the hospital bed, his grey eyes dull and unfocused.

"Tomoko is your brother...?" He asked, his gravelly voice slow and low.

"Yeah Dad, he's here," Tomoko said, grabbing his hand.

"Huhn. Tell that bastard that I love him." He grunted.

"Tell him yourself, Old man," I said, coming to his side and grabbing his other hand.

"Giriko! How's that vixen you're with? You guys gonna have a kid?" Dad asked.

"Nemuri's fine, I've been running errands and doin' things around the house. We are, dunno the gender yet." I drawled.

"Name 'em something nice. Alright?" he asked.

"Yeah," I confirmed, smirking.

Dad fell asleep.

I stayed until visiting hours were almost over.

"Hey. You bastard. I see... your future. Your vixen, she and you will have... a happy future ahead. I'm gonna miss you, got it... *Cough Cough* Memorized?" Dad mumbled, grabbing my hand.

"Yeah, old man, I do." I sighed.

"Good!" He coughed, smiling wryly.


I left the room, telling the doctors that my father was dead. I just walked out, my eyes downcast.

I was walking back to the house, feeling like someone was following me. A man jumped out of the shadows, an odachi in his hands. I blocked it with my chain.

"You're better than I expected!" The man yelled, smiling.

The man was wearing red and black, a tan bandage covering his eyes and nose, his red scarf was torn up at the end, a ton of blades were strapped to his body.

"It's an honor to fight you, Judgment!" The man complimented.

"Huh. Never fought a fan before!" I yelled, summoning my Hedge-Blades.

"You've been corrupted! A hero never gives up!" The ninja-man yelled.

I blocked another strike, pushing the guy away from me. My bloodlust started to boil.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" I yelled, my blades combining into one, becoming the Jaws of Death. A giant chainsaw blade mixed with my Hedge-Blades.

"BE TORN ANSUNDAH!" I screamed, letting my power free.

Letting out a roaring laugh, I brought the blade up over my head.

But... I shuddered, 'What? My body... I can't feel any... thing...' I thought, falling to my knees, my blades fading.

"You stand accused, Giriko Kenzaburo, Stain will be your judge, jury, and executioner." Stain whispered.

I held out hope that someone would save me.

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